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Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on November 13, 2010
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We are all Motion. I mean Motion itself. Yet my emotions and desires limit my movement. This morning I get an email from a wonderful man I actually know and with whom I have spent face time, though we are now in the digital timeless typing communication. He sends me a morning thought: ‘A mile out, I see vapor trails several miles overhead, all converging in the clear blue on Boston far over the horizon like a missile attack. The passengers cannot see the trails from their seats in the jets. The dory’s trail seems to disappear, but who knows what the underwater beings see?’ He is in Nova Scotia, Canada living near the sea. What he is doing on the dory is not revealed. Is he fishing for fish or for ideas or for that idea-less state?

My body is moving in time and space with all the little particles. How did I manage to create the chemical situation that grew the cancer? I feel it is stress and not breathing easily as I move in life as a form. If I apply my friend’s thoughtful query of the unseen motivators and effects of every particle creating all the chemistry will I become Nihilistic? I am what I am and this is just all hard knocks as it is and there is nothing to redirect the particles. I am trying to think about the real and unreal in motion this morning. In fact for more than 2 hours I have been spinning the thoughts in a bingo ball cage of my brain system.

Last night I felt strange enough because I seem to have to return items I purchased over and over and no one or thing comes as I imagine things and people come simply with other people I know. (Ilsa, this sentence is unwieldy and seems disconnected.)  I seem to be living the Sisyphus climb.   It is the right time to keep the sense of meaninglessness of life at bay out the door and out of my mind. I get an email from a smarty pants friend who lives in Arizona that seems on the surface to be supportive but the undercurrent is ‘leave me alone’. I see the boat on the water and the straight wake that is visible for just so long but I ponder any conversation that tells me that I will not have pleasure and love at this time in my life:  I truly wish I could magically make you 30 years old to help you in your quest for love.  You have a very youthful and zesty spirit that is housed in a nice but unfortunately aged body.  I say this with a spirit of affection and in no way meaning to harm your feelings.  I realize people at any age can find love, but I think being young can sometimes help.  But regardless, I have faith that you will in time find a joyful partner.  : )”
I am very interested in the coming recoloring of what it means to be an original human being in the flow of digital communication.  I really feel that people do not tell you what they are really feeling or thinking most of the time anyway. Very few people are original lately because of what has been called the ‘Glass Tit’, the television that has homogenized so many brains into one consumer consciousness. Today I found this definition for being true to yourself in your flow of thoughts turning into talking:
Declaring yourself to be operating by “Crocker’s Rules” means that other people are allowed to optimize their messages for information, not for being nice to you.  Crocker’s Rules means that you have accepted full responsibility for the operation of your own mind – if you’re offended, it’s your fault.  Anyone is allowed to call you a moron and claim to be doing you a favor.  (Which, in point of fact, they would be.  One of the big problems with this culture is that everyone’s afraid to tell you you’re wrong, or they think they have to dance around it.)  Two people using Crocker’s Rules should be able to communicate all relevant information in the minimum amount of time, without paraphrasing or social formatting.  Obviously, don’t declare yourself to be operating by Crocker’s Rules unless you have that kind of mental discipline.
Note that Crocker’s Rules does not mean you can insult people; it means that other people don’t have to worry about whether they are insulting you. Crocker’s Rules are a discipline, not a privilege.  Furthermore, taking advantage of Crocker’s Rules does not imply reciprocity.  How could it?  Crocker’s Rules are something you do for yourself, to maximize information received – not something you grit your teeth over and do as a favor.
“Crocker’s Rules” are named after Lee Daniel Crocker.
People are so very careful and so easily sideswiped that the air is pulled or pushed and drawn out of their bodies. Oh My! said a friend of mine when I was myself a month or more ago. I posted a question on a monitored list for members only that I wondered if there were any normal people left in the world. I see everyone in my human circle being so very careful to the point I wonder if they know who they really are. Other than the holding back quality, is there a person with real interests and opinions held within the binding skin bag telling me I am too old to find an energetic jolly happy peaceful companion for my middle and later years?

I am a body in motion, delight in the beauty all around me is my primary mental emotional and physical thought form.  Hey, I am over here!

Two days ago I was sitting in my living room talking and the person siting next to me said: ‘you are the only person I know where I do not have to check my every thought before I speak’. I think as I am listening and I mean I really listen to what is being said and what is going on around me. I wonder if people who are always self-judging have any space left to actually listen and hear the pulse of life? My heart goes out to all the overly careful who are so unable to function without watching their every sound bite.


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  1. Today I did a little work on my resume with 3 additions:

    Arbor Extremity Removal Technician (I’m really good at gardening)
    Photosynthesis Research Assistant (I like to sit on my lawn and watch my garden grow)
    Culinary Output Tester (I like to eat)

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