Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on November 14, 2010
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I have been told repeatedly, by many men who are and were in my life, that I am A Ray Of Sunshine in every mans life. Wesley actually called me Sunshine, got out of his car, walked across the street and just stood there and looked at me as though he was so happy he would glow with happiness, to have found me. I brought Sunshine into his heart and mind. I wish I had more trust of and for him. I have a special place in my heart for him and my family really likes him. He really took care of me and brought me a dozen roses every time he came to my house. I love the ruby bracelet and the strands of pearls and two styles of pearl earrings to go with my every changing style.  I wear them all the time, since they are so beautiful and flattering on me. The items were so carefully chosen to enhance and sparkle in just the right way  Wesley are you reading this?

Steve thought I was Sunshine too. He pampered me differently.  He cared for my life and supported me the way that good gentlemen naturally do care for a woman they share intense feelings We had wonderful weekend trips. We saw one another dating for 5 or more years. He was a ‘My Way Or The Highway’, so the sunshine at a certain point continued around the elliptical.

My name and where I am from is all very interesting but it is only the story of external existence. The time and place I was born, the family I chose, a blood relative, My Fathers Mother had to pick the Name Of The Child. My Grand Mother wanted me to be called Ida. Traditionally  I would be named by my Paternal Grandmother. My Mother fought to choose another name but that name had to start with the letter ‘I’.

My mind is doing its best to hold my heart up. I was born on a sunny day on the fourth floor of  Reed Street Hospital in South Philadelphia. Everything from the dawn of time is cause and effect. More later, cause I am weary from the radiation and still have to defend myself with the little actual energy I do possess.. Love is patient. Right now I wish to draw the patient Love the Love that circles me and is patient and kind. Love is …

I am cleared of cancer and all difficulties are removed! I have the ‘secondary’ effects of the treatments as well as the constant feeling  of being very tired.  I have to think positively.  I Open my heart to myself and filter all flow through an Imaginary Waterford cut crystal bell to cover my head and body right down to my toes that allows only the re-finest rainbow of beauty. I have to figure that the Cook had a lot to do with the entire group.

I have a deep interest in  finding work and love to laugh therefore ‘Today I did a little work on my resume with 3 additions:

Arbor Extremity Removal Technician (I’m really good at gardening)
Photosynthesis Research Assistant (I like to sit on my lawn and watch my garden grow)
Culinary Output Tester (I like to eat)’


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