Rewiring the System

Inflammation Information

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on November 18, 2010
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All ‘The Devils’ are here in the inflammation soup sloshing around inside each and everyone of our bodies. What is happening inside our bodies from the fuel we are putting in our mouths? We are complacent and lazy. Longevity as an energetic, thoughtful, caring, and smiling person is the goal. Having things happen to me inside with visible external puffs stumbles and scars are what we all need to address. Our healthy life! What happens  as you and I masticate what ever is available with careless and wanton abandon where self gratification rules.

Oh I am soo weary and tired feeling from the radiation which makes me have some time to investigate social forums.. but thinking about anything is impossible. Cancer is a work in progress under the over running set up that what we do to and with ourselves.  Cancer is the unique as to what drives the process. If you cut out the cancer and the same life style choices causing conditions, continue to be in place then the person gets 2 1/2 years remission. Chemo therapies are not arriving with exacted and delivering complete remission  in any significant healthy reduction causing large shifts  expected forms of change in the patients.

“Man has been pondering for centuries over the basis of his own ethical and aesthetic values. Until recent times, such issues were primarily fed by the thinking of philosophers, moralists, theologists and politics.”  8 November 2003,

I really am being hit hard by becoming dead tired . I just crash into a deep black sleep sitting up with the lights on and the tv going. I must turn r=everything off and rest, rest now and rest long.  I will pickup where I habitually, left


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