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sure, it was a lower case sort of day.

I sat around doing research into the origins of inflammatory disease.   How far back, and how deep, does this condition route to find its root? I have heard repeatedly from a wide spectrum of people that it goes back to the split from hunter gathers and those who choose to farm grasses and grains.

I feel like I am locked up with people who do not speak my language and I have no experience with theirs.  I need to communicate in order to survive.

It is interesting to note that the science of tumor suppressors, regenerator cell tumor protective care taker, gate keepers repair DNA damage from all the free radicals PtC3 mutant cells and decide the fate of the offender cell or cells. It is mentally stimulating to learn the words of cell wars, apostasies and senescence, everything comes down to these two, and  like everything we learn, gives us another rung on the ladder.  Will knowledge of the process get us out of the deadly crevice we have fallen through as we take our lazy long and truly poisoned ‘walk about’ ?

My only hope is that I can learn how to eat to starve the process of inflammation.  The death and dying cells in Apoptosis deplete the stem cells ability to be more complicated all the way down to their finger tip like telomere .

( A telomere is a region of repetitive DNA at the end of achromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration. Its name is derived from the Greek nouns telos (τέλος) “end” and merοs (μέρος, root: μερ-) “part”. The telomere regions defer the degradation of genes near the ends of chromosomes by allowing for the shortening of chromosome ends, which necessarily occurs during chromosome replication. @Wikipedia)

The irreversible ‘senescence’ which is the loss of tissue function.  The list starts with cellular dysfunction: terminal P53 protein, PRB/P161NK blast 4a.  It is basically all slime.

Toxic stress and toxic inflammation creates out of the garbage we each force into our body chemistry which creates plaques. It is Gum disease everywhere. Imagine this visually as the sticky stuff you floss off your teeth circulating throughout your insides. It supports aging in the way we have become accustomed to seeing. It is the effect of high caloric intake and high carbohydrate gobblers.  This creates Arthritis, Crones disease and a host of auto immune unbalances. In this malfunctioning chemical cellular soup, any infection any toxic invasion causes inflammation. The accumulation of low levels of radiation in the fight against cancer causes secondary infections which is producing DNA strand breakage and more.

The Radiation induces the damage response. This shut down, or senescence, never goes away. They have an altered foci and can never ‘wake up’!  Wounding the immune system is not good for all the complex and stressful pressure on our human system.  Low level damage or quiescent can come back to the cell cycle but the senescence is not reparable by the body and can never go back. If all the research points to the fact that what we eat is doing this to us, then why have I not listened to the point where you and I get sick.

What gives power to the high fructose industry to have power over our consumer choices? If in fact caloric restriction of some sort will keep our minds clear and balanced and our bodies strong and ready to create beauty and reflect our inner peace out into our world.
I was informed by the Cancer trials team that my cancer was caused by Environmental causes.

I had to do my own research to find out these scientific reasons. I attended two lectures at the Stanford Research Institute and one at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory about collegial research that is also going on at the Buck Institute in Navato, to get pieces of this puzzle.  I wonder how long it will take me to change my food intake?  Today I did eat many less calories. I am committed to living as long as I can and as well as possible.

the second lower case situation is the puzzle about why people do things.  why would  two different people tell me nice things, yet not acknowledge my birthday? One person lives right under my nose and the others farther away…. I need to give my heart more choices.

today, just this afternoon, I have a paper trail of abusive confrontational communication from a health professional.  i have to see this person on monday. i sent the emails to my friend who was so shaken that she is going to go to the meeting to protect me and she said that she might not be able to keep her mouth shut! Thank you Mother Nature and great infinite beauty for bringing me the information for positive change.


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