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I am just trying to learn to be a better person every day. I want to take better care of myself, what I eat what I do and with who I share my precious time.

It is experience that lets me see ahead of the chatter as I careen through life. Everything I do creates an experience for me to ruminate and enjoy. Experience keeps society from breaking down into unrecognizable bits!  I have both good and bad events that make a mark in my memory stream. I have an emotional commitment to my own life. Then why do I not pay proper attention to my rest, nutriton, and schedualing to get the most out of every day?

Why was I ’20’ minutes late for my last lymphedema treatment appointment?  I love the therapist at St Mary’s Hospital. There was no reason at the destination that would have me drag my tail! I just did not go to be early enough to get up when the alarm rang. I told my daughter it is because I want more love, in number and better quality, more fun friends. I guess i am ready to reach out and start dating face to face. I want the juices that have been stirred by a long distance friend to be released to water the great love I feel and want to share.

I know that thinking is a creative act. If I could make this happen how would I go about it? I want to magnetize and materialize a love. Can I imagine him on the screen of my mind sufficiently to bring him here before the New year!? How is that for a health seeking wish?

At the Hospital, I had a short contact with the therapist who gave me some equipment change materials but no touch or movement of the trapped fluids in my arms and legs. I did not get to talk about the exact places that I can feel when I walk. I showed up late! It was my mistake. Why did I not rush?

First of all, I wrote the wrong time on my calendar!  When the alarm rang, I turned it off and somehow fell back to sleep! That is because I really needed the sleep. Because I turned off the lights and computer 5 hours after a sane sleep time.

I need to change my relationship to sadness. It certainly is part of the healing process to go through the low sad points. Eeeeenough Already!  Some of these difficulties are created by the team of doctors I had chosen.  If I had been treated with respect and properly monitored I would be healing without the emotional spin.

Today I had a chance meeting with a group of student nurses doing their practicum. I was having my bite to eat after realizing that I was too late to get medical attention. We talked about the sort of service I should expect from my medical team, every medical team and every doctor. They were shocked when I told them ‘how’ I was spoken to during my last two doctor appointments at the breast cancer center at UCSF. I was told, by the assembled students and their instructor, to report the team to the customer services.  This is the third or fourth time I was told that the Administration should be told every grimy detail.  I am sure I could use, and need, some help in creating a document the academic english writing!

I must have gone to the St Mary’s Hospital for the food! I mean why did I go so late? Today, I had a small soup, a scoop of tuna, a small spoon of jullian beets and a tablespoon of garbonzo beans with a coffee. The Level B at the treatment center serves food for the staff at breakfast and lunch.. It is hospital food, yet it is not healthy.

St. Mary’s is better tasting and less salty than UCSF Divisadero and definitely less greasy than Kaiser Oakland.

I want to find  certain foods.  Good foods that will keep the length of my telomeres  in the fluttering healthy range. The human body switches off the crucial “telomerase” enzyme in adulthood to
reduce the odds of getting cancer. I want to feed this process with fine protein and great vegetables and fruits.

“Telomerase has been known about for roughly fifteen years and the past track record in that area of research has so far not been good.  But perhaps with new research efforts, much more money invested, and better tools to use, we might see a world shattering breakthrough for humans, within 10-20 years.” I get this message in an email from a friend, J.G. in AZ.

Right now I need to take care of feeding my body and mind. Where do I  get access to Cherries, Guavas, Red Beans, Red Kidney Beans, Kiwifruit, Watercress, Spinach, Onions, Carrots, Cabbage, Broccoli, Kale, Dandelion.  I remember the Scottish delights I made years ago before my marriage and daughter, using young spring dandelion shoots and leaves. There on the Highlands I visualize the long winter that had no fresh greens. The first hardy sprout was the leaves of the long rooted dandelion. Mixed with dried oats in a porridge the bright spring green vegetation included spring verdure in the meal. It was wonderful!

What is the difference between Red Beans and Red Kidney Beans? Are the Red Beans that are super good for your insides actually called The azuki bean (アズキ, formerly spelled adzuki or aduki) which is an annual vine widely grown throughout East Asia and the Himalayas for its small bean. They have a uniform red color, but other variously mottled varieties are also known.

Scientists presumeVigna angularis var. nipponensis is the progenitor. Genetic evidence indicates that the azuki bean was first domesticated in the Himalayas before 1000 BCE. Then migrated to Japan, where it is now the second most popular bean after the soybean. I heard that Japanese live to be over a hundred and it must have something to do with their diet! I know that the south of France and the Italian Rivera both have a super healthy diet that brings vigor and panache into the later years.

Both countries wear a lot of Black!

Black is a favorite color in all three countries which I feel is a big Plus. Black is such a fun color! I Believe Black must bring long life because I am happy, you are happy, in the color you wear.

I am wanting to practice attention to all the details and the roots of being healthy.

I am the one who has to do the actual work. Take credit for the being you actually are as we open the doors in our life. I want to accept and actually love myself enough to find the good foods and really lift them to my mouth and chew and swallow what is good for me.


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