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He said, ‘Stop being angry and relax’.  Anger is an emotion related most often to a persons perception of having been offended or wronged. There is a tendency to undo that wrong doing by returning the anger by word or deed.  I am not truly angry rather I feel marginalized.  I am happy to oblige my dear wise pool buddy. I allow my mind and my breath to un-zipper the constriction on my nervous system and join my friends mind into the flow of peace and relaxation. All my dendrites respond. I go inside my heart to feel and see the joy of relaxing into the one heart who has walked ahead of me on the path. I felt wonderful sitting in the Jacuzzi with this wise man who along with adjusting my emanations adjusted the position of my chin as we sat in a snap, dropping into meditation. I reflect calmly on the lovely and loving attention.

The universe provides.

Last night an angel dropped out of the sky and pinched the pain right out of my limbs. She showed me how to reach a beginning detail to the door for brain growth. It is a powerful way of recreating every cell in my body. This is so vital! I am a new person ever so many years since all my cells are repairing themselves all the time. Jane drove to my door and unpacked her table and moved my tightness giving me a relief from suffering. I bought her book and though I rarely suggest books I want to direct your attention to this wonderful process for true glorious change. ‘EYE YOGA, How you see is how you think’ ,

The point, delivered from an angry person, can be a shock as this can be very well mistaken and misunderstood. This is because anger causes a loss in self-monitoring capacity and objective observability. I prefer being down to earth to allow all the love being sent out to land and be received by me. I find that the more stable I am, the better you will be positioned to receive the love that you deserve. I realize that I don’t always have to run out and get it. Love will come to me. It is our interconnectedness that will bring me relaxation and all the help we ‘all together now need’, is Love!

Love in its various forms is a major mover, shaker, and facilitator of interpersonal relationships.  Love is the underpinning of the ”. Do to others as you want others to treat you’. It is the strong emotion but I hear people say to one another in one way or the other, ‘If you bother me I will shoot you!’  How many people actually want to get close enough to be truly intimate? It is weird and wildly funny how so often this sentence is delivered in silence. Silence is the creative space in which to relax. Without silence there is no breathing room between events. I do not mean to insinuate that each of us is not entitled to our individual thoughts and feelings but I suggest that we are honst to ourselves.  I got a note suggesting that I get therapy and anti depressants to lift myself out of whatever physical and emotional stuff is being sorted up and out because of the cancer situation.  I did not want to cushion myself from the truth. Yea, Situation!

When all it takes is a sit and Relax. I am letting go of all the tension garnered in my plodding through my life with the human beings. I am glad to be here now and to enjoy all that is available to my senses. Tomorrow afternoon I am going to drench myself in culinary ecstasy. Tonight I have a pot of Monk fish bones simmering until they dissolve in order to construct a uniquely old Russian dish my Grandmother called Schtchshave. It is a jelly, a savory artistically arranged concoction with fish and eggs and olives along with allspice, bay leaf and lots of freshly crushed multi colored peppercorns. My Grandmother was ‘finished’ at Sorbonne in the 1870’s or 80’s. It was a different time without phones, people had calling cards. People visited in order to share things they wanted to hear. Communication was face to face or one person to another though behind peoples backs. Now with instant communication, comes instant schtchshave, the fish bones are not cooked for hours, as I am doing this evening, but clear gelatin, right off the shelf at the supermarket is used.  Fish was important in pre-revolutionary cuisine and a great secret to stepping back to a time of relaxing while the pot simmers merrily filling my home with wonderful smells with the anticipation of the shared experience to come. Check this out:


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  1. cicely berglund said,

    I need some more explicit details about this fish aspic. Up here in N. Nova Scotia we are returning fast to slow cooking.

  2. cicely berglund said,

    I think you have a world record. I plugged schtchshave into Google and all I came up with was your three entries.

    • it is a spelling thing on the internet. it is my grandmothers recipe so I will dictate it to my daughter and send it off to you. I am also getting my resume ready for a counselor job, ideally at the vet admin to create a circle to fill with their stories. so much to do and a real need to learn which thing is more important than which…

    • the schrchshave turned out delicate and fun, fish jello with white fish wedges and orange triangles and cooked carrot was well received and garnished with helmans, i will get the recipe transcribed and post it here and could send it to you personally and directly. Se is going to copy my grandmothers little tricks as I talk.

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