Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on December 5, 2010
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You might ask what is a Foodie? I never quite know what this word really means. I have cooked as a prep chef in a french restaurant after college in an effort to learn how to feed myself. I thought knowing how to properly prepare snail butter and what the consistency and temperature of the layers in making croissants would be akin to the definition.  Makes me feel like Rainman!

A foodie is so beyond all my years of cooking, chopping, creating, training and writing about food. Tonight I went to a true foodie event. It is first of all by invitation only!  Every person brings a creation that you would not see anywhere. Tonight was a particular nationality. The certain traditional recipes were modified in a creative deconstructionist way that renders the food as art. Everything that was deconstructed had the individual ingredients used separately in such a manner as to be a truly different experience. Everything was beautiful and delicious. I felt like I waltzed into a non-professional absolutely professional magic land of beauty and creative nutrition.

More tomorrow earlier in the table of hours, when I am not closer to lights out.



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