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Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on December 6, 2010
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The rain came down in sheets dangling droplets against the variegated gray sky. It was the afternoon by the time I lifted the blinds.  Why did I go to sleep so late last night! The late start was not bad.  Though it just cut the day into a quarter of reality.  Three quarters of the day was gone. I could not squeeze or stretch five hours of day light back from the past.  I have so ofter said that reality is an accordion sometimes full on opened and other times it is pushed together and compressed. A cycle of in and out creating the music of my life.

Sometimes I think I am living in a bad song.  Is this a sad story?  But I find that exploring is by itself interesting. I am learning to be interested and enjoy every second.  Every note of the saga of my life puts me under the spell of ‘almost’.  Certified ‘Almost’ always on the edge of making a wise choice.

Today, with my head in the gray fog, I dashed out to an art showing of a  wood sculpture who’s work I really like. In fact I have purchased three of his pieces to give. One as special birthday present. Another for my daughter as a symbol of collecting art and one for me over my computer desk to delight and inspire me in my writing.  The show was small but incredible. It was in a workshop studio space where three of the several of the bays are working car shops. Trucks, Cadillacs, Porches, Thunderbirds and the like are in pieces.  One old Modle T’ish is getting a super engines like a 425 or larger to do the Bonneville salt flats race next year! What a fun discovery in a factory looking section of Berkeley California.  Small towns have a different displacement of innovation and is not completely lacking interesting surprises.

I had my bathing suit on under my Walmart Jeans, yes I actually was driven to Walmart before the summer because I do not like the politics of that organization. So I do not support a business that try to dictate political policy with China. The jeans are the sort of workman blue that I havent seen in ages. Nothing stylish but well fitting and comfortable. I have my bathing suit on and I get to the Y, open the trunk and remember that I left my swim bag and all the girly supplies by the front door of my apartment.

What a head in the clouds moment! I could choose to go home or I could choose to rough it and swim without the regular supplies. I crossed the threshold and went up to the turnstile, ‘I do not have my swim card’, I say, ‘can you let me through?’ Since I come to the Y more than 3 times every week I am with my red curly hair, not a stranger. He asks where is my card? I tell him that I ran out of the house without my swim bag. He asked me if I have goggles or a cap? I tell him no. Imagine a nicer person actually taking an interest in another person? I was touched deeply in my heart at the quality of face recognition in the human interplay that builds trust. He rolls back on his office chair and reaches into a drawer against the back wall, finger through handfulls of goggles and lifts one out and offers it to me.

Gosh! I exclame, those are my goggles! He looks at me like I am trying to pull a fast one, but I assure him that they are mine and that they were made in Italy. He has that ahh, pshaw sort of whatever. I take the goggles and separate the strap and show him where the made in Italy is printed. He smiles. I say how about the blue silicone swim cap that was left or lost about three weeks ago. Back his hand goes into the drawer and out comes my blue cap.

How often do you loose things weeks ago and have a forgetful moment and have it returned! I felt wonderful in the joy of life. What a surprise. A miracle is an unexpected event attributed to divine intervention. Divine to me is all part of the laws of physics since things are as they really are. Thoughts actualize and displace the flow of life within all the levels I can imagine. Working with the laws of nature seems to perform what so many people perceive as a miracle. I try to hold on to my thoughts and keep a clear and balanced mind in the face of all those events that shake rattle and roll along.

Thoughts attract good to the good and the opposite too. I sent out n terrible reaction to not having my gear. Is this what is sometimes thought of as a perceptible interruption of the laws of nature or a miracle. It is complicated, there is always so much good to go around. Since I have faith in people and trust in their inner goodness I can see past the little problems. I hope I get better every day.

It is all about self control and go with the flow. I did not have any emotional reaction to not finding the swim bag in my boot. Perhaps it was because I got a parking place exactly at the front steps of the Y. How very rare that is in itself.  I just said, oh well and thought how nice it was that I had my underwear in my slicker pocket and I could still splash around and stretch. Having the goggles and cap return was bonus gravy!

Give Love a Reason, Give Love a Chance..


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