Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on December 7, 2010
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I am having trouble finding the time to get things I want to get done done.

Today I spent more time trying to learn some simple stuff about this computer I am using.  It is amazing to learn things that are so unimportant that geeks don’t know Like how to delete left to right and right to left on a MAC!

Hold down the fn key and the delete at the same time.

I had to spend time with family and that does not include thinking about the meaning of life or quality of mind. I do find in my interactions with people I get a chance to live the things I want from others.

I am healing well but my brain is still spongy and tired … I am so transformed by the kindness of strangers who have taken me out and sent me cards and chocolates. I am deeply grateful for the thoughts and things. I really am benefiting from the caring. It makes me feel realistic about the beauty of life.  My daughter gives me a hug and helps me clear my mind. She has seen first hand the amount of difficulties I have had to shoulder this year.

I am finding, just today that I do not hold on to the nervous energy that comes along when people shout at me or behave badly, that I do not hold on to the energy that was directed at me. I might be jangled for some minutes but the just is allowed to settle and deposit itself in the ground or among the sad places in my heart. Having sad places in my heart allows me to understand people. Today I spent some time with nervous people.  I sat next to a woman who was vibrating with the desire to have everyone do her bidding. Repeating her wish over and over and being tight lipped with misunderstanding that though people might have heard her request no one wanted to do the same things.

I got to look at my touchy facet. I have felt the way she felt and I remember lashing out to the one least able to defend themselves. I stood up and stopped my little editing effort and went home. I felt enormous empathy. I am thinking a lot about the difference between sensitivity and touchiness. I can be sensitive to  the explosions on the sun and the pouring particles that are shot toward the earth and disrupt communication on every level.

I can be touchy about listening to a conversation about me and not to me. I can be touchy when I do not get my way.

Sensitivity is a good manners to include everyone else. Nice people direct their creativity to bring people with their individual energue and skill to function as a community wound for action. Make a Plan! Take care of ourselves better and more carefully!

This is a week of wonderful opportunities, starting with a SunSaturn sextile on December 7! You’ll make plenty of progress as energeticMars enters super-ambitious Capricorn that same day.

December 7: Sun sextiles Saturn
When the Sun in enthusiastic Sagittarius receives this supportive aspect from Saturn, people notice your hard work and want to help you. The way to maximize the possibilities of this sextile is to be extra-aware of your environment and the people around you. The more you know what you’re doing, the more help you’ll get. So don’t hide in the shadows now — step up and be visible! Saturn loves to recognize and reward hard work.

December 7: Mars enters Capricorn
Some people have so much energy — it’s amazing what they can accomplish in a day! As Mars enters this ambitious sign, you get a couple of months to emulate them. If you want to achieve anything that will require loads of discipline and tenacity, now is the time to begin! Start that diet or exercise program, find the love of your life or finish your dissertation. When you take the assertive energy of Mars and put it in the sign represented by the mountain goat climbing a peak, there’s little you can’t do!

December 10: Mercury turns retrograde
This is an especially important retrograde period because of Mercury’s contacts with other planets. Because of this, it’s best to keep your ears and eyes open during this time that highlights rapidly changing ideas and events. Mercury begins its retrograde today in pragmatic Capricorn, returns to belief-driven Sagittarius on December 18 for a review, and finally turns direct on December 29 PST and December 30 EST.
While Mercury is in Capricorn, focus on how to further yourself and gather information about what you need to build into your life to succeed. Once Mercury enters Sagittarius, review your belief systems. Which ones are helpful? Which ones do you need to ditch? Because this retrograde occurs during the holiday period, make sure you hold onto your gift purchase receipts! If you’ll betraveling, double-check your reservations and, in case you’re delayed, bring a good book to read and plenty of games for the kids. If you know which house or houses in your natal chart Mercury is traveling through, apply this review to that area of your life. And of course, defer decision-making if possible until after Mercury turns direct. This time is famous for people making mistakes!


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