Rewiring the System

Body Tired – Brain Wired

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on December 12, 2010
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I am so tired that I fall asleep sitting up with the TV and all the lights on. It is not good bye but good night. I seem to just black out!

It has been an hour!  I am asleep and a sudden wake up, not really awake but woozy and mostly still asleep, then out like a light. Another hour and a half in a sort of deep rest before I am again stirred by the need to releve myself. What a surprise to sleep sitting up.

Art has not a rhythm, it is life that moves to some pulse, beating. I am as hard on my self as I am hard on every thing and every one. Just for today I will not be in control of people or places. Today is a chance reading on the inside of my eyeballs.

This afternoon, after a morning of shopping with my daughter, I went to a pizza place where a group of geeks meet every once in a while, or once a month.  No one of the group was there!  There are men deeply focusing on a computer at the bar area and at some of the tables.  I get out my android phone, which uses a Linux operating system, (whatever that is), and write a quick email to the group organizer. ‘I am here’, I write, ‘and no one showed up!’  Good manners among geeks is great, and in less time than it takes me to get a cup of coffee, I get a reply, ‘that the meeting is Sunday, tomorrow’.  When I noted the LUG meeting, I put the wrong date in my calendar.

What fun.. I am here and I will make the best of it. I order a coffee and kick back.  How is it that I know so little? I look over the 2 men at the counter and ask if they are in the LUG.  Not knowing what LUG stood for, the two looked at one another with a shrug.  One man just closed up his whatever he was working on his cute EEE PC Black and looked askance at the other man. The second man  sat with his unique ‘top of the line’ Cannon sitting  brightly between us and his lunch.


Having taken a few photography classes in college just to familiarize myself with the craft and art of the mechanical eye, I know immediately that this camera is not for amateurs.  Is this a 3000$ body, I ask? Yes, he says. Yes, and the lens was purchased separately.  I ask if he purchased it at the NYC secret shop, NO, he says he purchased both parts locally! It is perfect that he supports the great Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley Camera shop. Then he points to the wall.

At Bobby G’s and all the pictures on the wall, are his. Film he printed on canvas. He took as many as 22 shots of a scene and printed them one on top of the other to actually replicate what the human eye acturally sees. He tells me, ‘that life is not what you see in a Polaroid.’ I listen to him talk and look at the picture he takes off the wall and places in my hands.  Part of my being is off in my mind, into a recent “Science” magazine article about the ‘on off’ light reacting substance that has just been discovered which functions along side the seeing information nervous system highway.

I look at this man and think: Throughout history there have been people of artistic genius, spiritual strength, and humanitarian vision who have helped the human race to go forward.  I am enthralled with the space humanity is traveling into as individuals get ideas and actualize them!

I mention that I was coming to the LUG to get a few computer questions answered. (I have to remind anyone who is reading this that I do not have a linear brain.) The logical step by step, with no deviation, the one and zero that machines use as language, is just beyond the dendrites held in my convoluted ball of grayish mush between my ears. I mostly feel when I am trying to understand how and what computers need to do as though I am reaching out to somethings that are hidden behind a gray cinder block wall.

I sat there at the counter, with my little ‘old’ pearl white Acus, running a generation of Linux, ancient in computer language ages, wondering if I will ever find the person or people who can upload the new Ubuntu or Mint? The photographer helps me figure out how to connect to the internet. One question answered! Woo Ho! Tomorrow I will find a person to figure out how to upgrade my system. I get on line and use the alternate to Google, StartPage, and find the Linux website. I post a question and find that suddenly I am now registered at ToolBox as a IT professional! How did that happen. Maybe I know more than I think I do? Naaaaaa  What does any of this mean?

So many people think I am formidable. Like the Klein Blue , A cosmology of copyrighted color.



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