Rewiring the System

It Takes Time to make things happen fast.

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on December 14, 2010
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It takes time to make things happen fast.  That is right.  Today, I finally after years, went to get an editing program for all my years of scribbles.

My writing has taken a back seat in importance since my sudden cancer discovery, surgery, and treatment.

Getting over the effects of a trauma takes time. This is my shot at figuring out where and what to change. For me and my life real change is very hard.

I keep getting phone calls from people with heavy stories. I need to change the condition of my circles. I must change the remuneration given for support received. I think change of magnetism from my heart out into the world.  Cooperate with one another since I do not want to be with people who do not really like me all that much.  I have a crisis of being alone to do all and everything while the doctors tell me for months that I must get into bed and stay there.

I need a supportive system. I want someone who loves my up side, who is willing to work as a help mate with the down side. I am thinking about the people I have allowed to be in my inner circle who have never looked close enough to see me in the mix. Oh, I did not know you do not feel well…

I have allowed people to be my friends who do not listen to what I am saying. They are only seeing themselves when they look out in the world.  I Have been really weary.  I ask people who I know well enough to have a personal conversation to please not to share their troubles with me now. I just do not have the energy to take properly care of myself. I need to stop the suffering.

I hope I find something special for the holidays! grin….

I am just not over this yet. The Dr. today said this may go on until April.


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