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Almost Time To Polish The Sun

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 4, 2011
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It is late and the exactly correct time to day dream about polishing the sun.

I know and have known for almost all my like that the sun shines on thief and pauper as well as saint and sinner equally. Let me tell you, there is joy in polishing the sun. Our sun is approaching the highpoint of solar flares in its 22 year occulting cycle of 11 years of less and 11 years of more.

I was sent this great spiritual rap by a man who wants me to stop feeling and feeling the need to share my feeling. So enjoy the song as the fun it is a great pumping rap with pics of NYC!

Is the man who sent me this link trying to tell me I have become notable noble as a memememe. Which could mean ME!

Oh Ken Wilber, bring the rainbow of possible places to put reactions which pretend to be in a level beyond their senses, Oh Ken, fling the turquoise song sing my yellow mime bubble the polished pieces flung out in rays and waves, as imperceptible particles waves gem dust of vitality.
I was sent this sort of note, just last week, as a way of telling me I am a Injustice Collector
I guess I did not understand?
I feel light it is another way to tell me to shut up!
It has been 7 months since my cancer detection and I am still so not well. Why? and when I type the story I get pushback rather than attraction of tenderness and hugs. Why?
It is live with one step forward and two steps back or is it the other way around.

Love me as I am and my daughter knows how few kisses I got since I was born

The secret of life is to make use of your suffering as in a spiritual

I am going to sleep on my polishing cloth.


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  1. Dan Magorian
    Dan Magorian

    Send email
    Find email
    Add to contacts
    To Ilsa Bartlett
    Stop justifying your unacknowledged aggression with fancy language,
    examine and drop the paranoid thoughts because the only “person” who
    hates “you” is your own thoughts, and watch SMR’s video “What about Me?”
    and try to get it. And please, talk to a therapist instead of trying
    to use the sangha for that, it’ll work much better.

    Also, if want anyone to take your writing seriously, use a spell
    checker and read EB White’s “The Elements of Style”. Nobody could
    possibly take anyone who says “metafore” seriously, and incoherent
    disjoint sentence fragments lumped together create neither poetry nor

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