Rewiring the System

Assembled Cells

Last night I went to a talk at the end of Ashby Avenue here in the little University town of Berkeley California. 

The talk was on Morphomechanics, and  given by a dazzling brilliant young black woman. Some of her talk is music to my ears as my mind delights to see physics applied to such important primary human health issues: internal rhythm in a cell and how that movement or spin decides if it will be normal or cancerous tumor.

There is the effect of some chemistry and stressors that have an effect on the inner movement. She is testing  various specific densities of blood, brain, muscles, collagen, and bone cells.

She ‘IS’ holding in her hands the charged ribbon of biology and the charged particles of discriminating physics flowing forward being channeled in the laser sharpness that stretches membranes.

I listen as she talks fast and I think in my past experience that really powerful people, especially woman, talk slowly.  Since she has all the time she needs to make her points because of the respect granted her because of her power within the team.

The softness and speed as her words were pushed out into the room attracted my interest as to who in the room held the real respect and power.  Where I am sitting in the average class size room it was a strain to hear the words. I have to lean over and strain, as did others in my section.

After the talk there was a person at the front, who when a question was asked of the presenter, this other woman spoke up and in a slow strong voice answered the questioner until a rather tall and handsome man in the back pounced saying that he asked the presenter the question and he wanted to hear her answer, not yours. He had to repeat his demand more than once.

I was glad to see the inner workings in the tower of power where real insight into the physical truths of our human existence unravels.

I love going to brainy science talks!

I watch from the back of the room as she finds her way in the political hierarchy within the University, Corporate, the Industrial driver of science. The conversation might be about her unpublished research but the room is highly charged with political posturing.

Once, on the east coast, I had the opportunity to see a talk about the science of mind.  I listened to a conversation between a friend of mine, Bob, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. They were looking at the trajectory of Bob’s life and the fork in the road.

Bob had a long Tibetan sutra tucked under his traditional robe.  Should Bob travel to India and become a meditating Monk in the section of thinkers directly around HHDL or should Bob take the path into the University beehive of erudition and power struggles.

Bob was told that the University system with research is more exact western spin on the traditional houses of learning in the east.

I sit in the back of the room of this highly secured science building. I had to be vetted earlier and when I ask to come to a talk my name had to be on a very short list of outside invited guests. The talks are most often the unpublished research into the most complex minutia of what ever is being taken apart.

I love being there with the devoted highly trained scientists. I always feel a sort of great internal healing, and energetic lightness in my gait and an all over general happiness after one of the LBL talks. I get so happy, I wonder if the universe will materialize a half time paid position at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab as a counselor?

I find out that the inside of the cells have a lot more going on than was known even 10 years ago. I remember the delight of investigators looking into yeast that so much of this work has grown out from in the search for what makes cells become cancer.

Assembled cells generate their own forces. Imagine that cells have an internal energy that pushes the stuff and stepping on the parts and taking the contents by storm. Not only esthetically but the technical aspects of this work are very important. We are shown  a few videos of this microscopic visual chatter.

Under the microscope looking at this process, the spin resembles the Spinning Tea Cup Ride at Disney Land.  There is the lemniscates formation where the tension holds the spin in this shape.

I love the feeling of being flung back, but the flinging sometimes speeds so then the containts loose their discrete circumscription the speed multiplies and the individual is subsumed into a pie of people. The cell piles into a pizza of cells with one skin bubbling motion and getting the division captured inside controlled by the unbalance of the motion.  This Pie is the first manifestation of Cancer.

Ground elevations, which are the symbols on the marked maps that highlighted the State of Arizona is another sort of political spin that drains energy from the system. It could be part of the undigested arrogance of the people in power who have not had direct contact with the past members of the middle class who are now standing in line for food pantry handouts.

Our Middle class is like the spine that supports our entire political system. Where are our manufacturing jobs? Where are the things you are using being made? Who is making a profit off of the work that MAKES things?

Higher crop prices make food prices go up and the cost of gas. Here in my area gas has sky rocketed from 2.99 to 3.39 in one month. I connect the small movements inside one cell and larger market movements that spin society. Each in its way has a direct effect on our human health. The set of systems, smaller and larger, are really under stress.

We have clarity, conviction, and slowly work happens from the internal movements. What is the value of upsetting people and adding fuel to the fire? What does it mean that someone takes the strings from the general unbalances that become threatening and make them specific to do harm? Do you want to be afraid to speak up in a conversation, a meeting or in a local or national debate? Do you think we have the right to fire up people’s emotions to combustion?  Until that day, when the shooting really starts, do we have the right to heat things up until we just have to take it back one notch?

I feel that each individual like ‘You’ have more to do than you believe you’re humanly capable of. The good news? You’ll handle it. The bad (well, mildly unsettling) news? You may get quite stressed out while attempting to be all things to all people.

Why push it? It is wonderful to know what a complex fascinating world we live in at this time. Push yourself to have peace inside , inside the very core of your human heart, and go through life with self care and extending this care to all the people you meet while working to accept your human and practical limitations and never be afraid to ask for help.


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  1. cicely berglund said,

    haven’t seen you on ST for a while. I suspect you gave up. Those guys were kind of mean!!!!!!!!
    How are you doing?

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