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Noah, Start a Large Foolish Project!

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 13, 2011
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One of many Rumi poems says, 
"Start a large foolish project, like Noah! 
It makes no difference what people think of you.
Just for today I will not wonder and worry what others think of my ideas and processes.
I notice that people process their self worth by what comes from the outside. Just for today
I will not be ashamed of myself. Just for today I will not need external attention. Today I will
dance and sing the song in my heart. What is my large foolish project?

Dear Friends of The Noah Project, What a joy and pleasure it is to invite you once

again to The Temple of Melodious Sound.  This will be The Noah Project's 12th annual

Valentine gathering about Love Sweet Love! These evenings just get better and better

as "the sound goes on and on."  As usual all women and men of good will are welcome to

our beauty bash of glorious singing in open hearted community. Please feel free to pass

this invitation on to  your friends. It will not be an ordinary evening.

In Beauty It's Begun, Doug

"Love Sweet Love!" with Doug von Koss & The Noah Project A Valentine Evening for Men and Women

Full of Love & Chant & Community & Song We will gather by Candle Light in a Great Hall

Blending our voices in Universal Chants Moving our bodies in old circle patterns

Singing & Hearing & Talking & Laughing about "Love Sweet Love!"

(Of course, the usual tea & cookies, praises & blessings shared with Men and Women of good will.

Children age 7 and above are welcome.) February 13, 2011 Sunday Evening 7 PM TO 9:30 PM

Finnish Brotherhood Hall, 1970 Chestnut (off University) Berkeley, CA $10.00 per person

No one turned away THE NOAH PROJECT is a group of men who gather consciously to artfully explore

the beauty and sorrow of the human condition using song, chant, group movement, poetry and ritual

in community. We take our name from a Rumi poem that says,  "Start a large foolish project,

like Noah! It makes no difference what people think of you. ! Doug is the founder of

The Noah Project and co-director with Richard Naegle.. Questions? Email:


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