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Compassion Never Changes

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It is said of the great warrior, Musashi, the strategist, that he never took a bath because he did not want to be surprised unarmed.  Of course, men who study in this way think they are training the body and spirit, but it is an obstacle to the true way, and its bad influence remains forever.

Long before modern scientific practices drove the study of emotions, which I know to be as real as my toes,  that same knowledge was put to use.  Life’s signal science was widely practiced. Out of the BOX and without a lab, bipeds seemed to know what would work.
I went to a talk given at the Project Compassion at Stanford University this evening. Are we designed to be compassionate to ourselves, to our family, to our colleagues, our community and out to all people on our Earth then out to all the life forms on Planets we can only imagine. Compassion and not contempt, Understanding and not anger, Poise and not fear, delight and not disgust have a real signal of 200 milla seconds before you know you have the feeling. Emotions are public knowledge and can be read on your face and body language. This ability to see, understand and make judgments about the signal over time of a feeling within the context has allowed mankind to choose proper mates and survive. There’s a surprise! But now the systems of power are interested in your feelings and that takes all of this animal nature and puts it in the hands of people who really want to look inside of everything.

What will mindfulness do in the flow of emotions? It will give us a chance if caught fast enough to let people look at some feelings. In the event of anger, fear, sadness, the feeling is already taking hold of some internal systems before you or I have a chance to figure out what is happening. There is a refractory period where the opposite is covering whatever your reactions might be.

Being good in the flow of the family of man and doing this for the common good with good will could make people happier.

Where our body puts its form and intention seems to make a difference. When I was a child I was told to smile. It was a 50’s thing to tell a child to smile. It was the solution of everything like a tall glass of crystal clear water is today and tomorrow when we learn the smallest facial muscle recognition skills out life on earth will be as happy as we are. The way we each are treated in the years when we need constant attention and care places the model of how we will live out the 7 grand emotions. The rest of our lives we use the mapping of early responses and reactions as the mode we make it through situations.

The various enjoyments need to be patterned so that the signal strength of the internal process would be communicated in and with grace and beauty. As parents we do to the best of our abilities to care for the helpless child and this natural parental compassion is returned as the parent becomes fragile which needs attention.Is there a way to teach compassionate actions ?  Are there games that put the habit into the nervous system of thoughtful kindness? Do we as society to raise the level of goodness to our unique selves from the smallest thought of what we feed our cells, how we notice and attend the progress of the volatile emotions as well as the peaceful. Breath… remember you have not died yet and it is time to breath. Paul Ekman,, is the formost investigator of emotions and one of the 100 most influential men in the decade. James R. Doty M.D. founded and now directs Project Compassion on the Stanford Campus.

This is the crest of communication started by John Breemer in his book Who Shall Survive where he set down the actual practices that people can do to recognize their place in a group and the emotional  signals that shapes the encounters. I remember taking John, and his graceful wife, Zelda’s teachings out of the Beacon Hill NY classrooms into a space in the city and further out to the Philadelphia Police Department. The seed of group goodness is a basis for compassionate video games. I am certainly going to try and get a few of the coders I know to meet with this evenings group to work on this side of Joy in action.



With those who are concerned with becoming masters of strategy, Musashi points out that as a carpenter becomes better with his tools and is able to craft things with more expert measure, so too can a warrior, or strategist become more skilled in his technique. However, just as a carpenter needs to be able to use his tools according to plans, so too must a strategist be able to adapt his style or technique to the required strategy of the battle he is currently engaged in.


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