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Action Compassion

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The Buddha said that progress on the path and in fact life itself is done by your hands and feet. Wisdom is a combination of the study applied to the life experiences, we each have, as is our accumulation of cause and effect.
There are some centers of study that label the path in a direct and correct manner and hope that the attendees move along the path with an opened mind so that eventually they understand the word or label.
Idiot compassion is one of the oft misunderstood words another is crazy wisdom. In fact they are gradations of the actual path and not about human behavior. Go figure that crazy Wisdom is the ability to transform matter in the electrical energy and not doing crazy things. Umpa Thumba or Uncle Tumba are stories similar to the Cabala. They are stories about waking up.

I attended a talk at Stanford last week about Compassion. It was delivered by the primary and foremost facial recognition expert in the world. In fact Dr. Ekman is considered to be one of the 100 most important and influential persons on the earth, ever.

He said among other things in his informative talk, that compassion is registered in 200 milliseconds before any thought happens. That not every person is wired for expansive compassionate understanding and behavior. He is interested in why most people can not care about others outside of themselves or their immediate family. He gave a lot of examples.

For instance I talked with a neuro-scientist who sat immediately in front of me in a general social way. He told me he was from Brazil. At that instant I saw in the background the terrible flood and land slide that devastated the countryside. So many were killed and more are without a home and physically injured. I felt this in my heart as I spoke with him. My compassion went out to that country. To the person I was talking with I just noted that the rains wrecked havoc and that the country does not have a plan though this reoccurs yearly. If he had said something about his country I would have continued the conversation. He did not want to go in that direction. Whether he had compassion for them is not in my ability to see or value.
Compassion is right here and right now.

It is in your heart and when combined with DISCRIMINATION you are able to offer a helping hand to those in real need as is in your ability. Discrimination is being wise and awake in every second and intersection of your breath and body.

I have known ordinary citizens and people of the cloth who put into practice their studies are the most supple, gentile and soft hearted people in the world.

My cancer, surgery and treatments have shown me that no one that I know in my new home town has any interest but self interest. I feel compassionate to all of the people I know and cross paths. I send Loving thoughts of compassion to the one, who when I could not get out of bed, told me that I did not respect her. I just could not do what she wanted. I am still basically house bound. It is not forever that I will be unbalanced by disease.

Respect is earned and never demanded. Compassion is understood from the heart and always given freely. If you want it here it is. Take what you want and need.
Long Live Loving One Another.


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