Rewiring the System

Veneer Of Government

Doesn’t Sarah Palin remind you about everything French? Remember the French Revolution with the rabble running after the sparkling things, the quaffed hair crowned in sparkling things. It was a race run riotously and repeats itself regularly in the distinctly Style of governance in France. Kings rose and fell with a distinct sparkling hopeful run around. In fact I bet being the veneer of leadership seems enough when you know that the mast head is there because the people wants the option to topple it off on a whim.

Our American Government was built on a city counsel model so there was not the desire to start sparkling blood dude confrontation, in fact many New York City Men sleep ready for their next day by sleeping in a tie.

While some parts of the world are gearing up for a great revolution to support real change so the poor and rick are not pushed further apart. The torture here in the little towns, is with the petulant Palin saying sweet things and always a jab about how the liberals  bad in this or that gunk.  She is the kids acting as a child who learned in America that to have a sub standart education, you are equipped for global consciousness.

Public education students who think they can know about important international policies from what she or Palin sees from her window as she looks through the cross wires at a big bear or through the gun sights and sites in the wilderness and promoted to what end? To the truth that both parties are broken or yet another sling of those liberals while denying and responsibility to stirring pointless points from the view.

Both Parties are broken. There is no sane plan . This makes both parties powerless. Both sides are struggling in the impenetrable jungle of lows rules tools schedules and regulations within a web of laws constructed by white dead men who make there right first impression 40 or 50 years ago. It seems that they and their progenitor are now a mangled mass.

Which individuals have ideas and who would love to step and serve but the paperwork and levels of compliance strangles movement forward. To this tug come people who want to be politicians but they do a shinning dance thing chasing after clouds of gold vapor, since that is what worked in 1789. The good things to do for  the real people the grand ‘common good’. Some of the best ideas turn out to be illegal in the face of the current connections and practices in government. We are not in a good place. Tunisia fell off the cliff unprepared and all the youthful valor was not able to take root and the crazy people flamed to the top all running after the shinning sparkle things. I want young people to succeed.

It takes 2 decades to get anything done even requisitions for an individual light bulb because of senseless rules. We are at the watching things fall apart and start to splinter. The  tea bag party have their eyes on a prise which will take us back 40 or 50 years. It just isn’t right to have old ways and old process pushed on our 2011 problems. new oil in old bottles say as Italian friend maks everything rotten.


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