Rewiring the System

What He Said Was / Is Right

50 years ago today Ike, as in I Like Ike made a speech that resounds in the tunnel of time. We are not raising our voices or taking a stand and I want to know why? Are we collectively choosing to  become the evil we revile?

All the creature comforts that just 3% of the Earths population enjoys has torn out any concern for anything or anyone other than themselves. People tell one another that respect needs to be shown to them yet those people do not respect people in their circles, their county, their country, their continent, or another continent.

Is morning TV ready for real politics? Things are getting so bad that even the most calcified concrete heads are asking, “Whose Politics / Politicians Are These?”  How many millions of newly printed money which is separating the Leaders from the lead is going to wake everyone up very soon.

I do not believe that what political party you belong to matters at all. Each party varies little from one another. The Tea Party might have convinced Intellectually superior people that they alone can change the way government works But Its Not True.

The only difference between Sarkozy and Obama is that over there they can say, “Off With Your Head.” Oh yea, we say that here too.  Only that the people who get offed in the USA are poor. Or are all the globally marginalized the mass whose mouths are mended shut? Get to know your congress people and let then get to know you and what you are thinking.

Who Are You? Your Representative Wants to Know

It may be the third week of January, but for Congress, the year is just beginning. Many members are still hiring staff, developing policy positions, and identifying legislative priorities. Now is a good time to introduce yourself or reintroduce yourself to your representative.

This week, please write a note to your representative. Tell her or him who you are, how you are connected in your community, and what you’re concerned about right now. We encourage you also to mention that you work with FCNL, a nonpartisan Quaker lobby in the public interest.

Regardless of how much you agree or disagree with your representative’s stated positions on the issues, your letter can help to open channels for further communications. Right now, before the legislative season returns to full swing, representatives are listening intently.

We are working to increase the number of people in the FCNL community who can meet face-to-face with elected officials or their staff. Whether you communicate with your members of Congress mostly through email or you speak with their offices on the phone or in person, we hope you will consider how you can climb to the next step of the ladder of engagement.


Take Action

Write a hand-written letter to your representative and mail it to her or his district office. Let your representative in Congress know who you are and what is important to you.

  • See an example of this kind of letter.
  • Find the mailing address for your representative’s district office.

Please also consider a second step: Think of a few people in your community who have similar concerns and interests. Talk with them about arranging a meeting with one of your members of Congress this year on that issue. You can find out more about how to request a meeting on FCNL’s website, or contact Sandy Robson, FCNL’s Program Assistant who is helping our constituents to climb the ladder of engagement with your representative.

It is time to think about what future you envision and are willing to work toward. Stop being angry and chasing after fights and direct your energy together to build the beautiful and peaceful family of man in Mother Nature.


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