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Bad Thing Bad Thing….

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 23, 2011
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Amy Winehouse sings the songs that live in my core… I wake up and put on the songs and feel the moves in my groin, pelvis and places as the juice is sent to my heart. Conversations at a party were nice but no one swept me off my feet…. I am in love and am feeling the Love about to be returned.


AmyWinehouseOfficial 41 videos


Where is my pride? I just adore the vibrato and the hair… She brings joy into my life.

I continue to have infections because the radiation lowered my immune system and I am so tired and I have not had a back rub or a real healing loving hug since my surgery. Getting well alone breaks out the blues.I want to attract the gracious at tentativeness that lives inside me and eliminates out to the edges of communicator conductors. Come over and lets have a drink and talk.

Tomorrow, No No No


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  1. Dawn Kirk said,

    Sending a loving hug your way, Ilsa!!!!!!!!!

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