Rewiring the System

Nerves and Immune Systems Communicating

It not life or death, I am going to make it through this and life.The big question is how to rebalance my staggering imune system? It turns out that my severely compromised imune system does not dissipate stress like it did just a few months ago. The general malaise from the shock of cancer and the subsequent recoveries have left me unable to cope. I have undigested nervous tension from the last week.  My nerves just snapped.

Who knew that I had chicken pox tiders sitting on the fringes of my dendrites? It is amazing to learn that many people have one sort or another of a certain group of diseases living along their nervous systems just waiting for the opportunity to jump out with some surprise. Its not herpes or shingles but yet another virus sleeping on the nerves.

I have muscle spasms created by my shocked nerves. This was the cry out loud pain I felt yesterday, everywhere. No scrapped knee or broken bone or recovering from surgery compares. What was the moment that kick started my body to feel this pain? Where was the intersection of action on my being moment?  It was and continues to amaze me just how painful a section of my muscles can become.

I thought I was going to have to beg for sympathy and attention. How many inquires or messages did any of the people who read this and know me send? I got two really touching emails from a computer geek group where i go to enjoy men with big linear brains and all that. I got a couple of friends wishing me well and one friend made me dinner and invited me to come over and eat at her place right from the hospital.

The way people treat me, the way they talk and what is said has overloaded my system. The emergency room doctor said I need three days of complete rest. Not to do anything that hurts.  He was wonderful and gave me a complete examination. Right now I do not know if what I am typing is making complete sentences as well as being understood as an apology for the stream of personal emotional distress expressed yesterday.

I am falling asleep while I am writing.. Let’s look into what is going on tomorrow.

Stuff happens, sometimes the stuff is pain. I am finding being optimistic got all the helpers at the hospital reach out to me with poise and real medical attention.

Finding out how to get my immune system to start working properly is very important! I do not want anyone to feel as I did yesterday and most of today.

How do I start to understand my immune system?


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