Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 10, 2011
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Yes, funny how this happens… sweet sadness settles over my shoulders and the question lingers in the moist air just after the storm. It must be the sun spot cycle since everyone has a pressing nervous quality to talk and touch in squares and rods rather than circle contact. The grace of just past times have moved into what is believed from a sentence or paragraph rather than what the strokes on the page are asking us to derive meaning and understand substance. I see we are attaching our story to you rather than listening with linked minds and hearts to expanding meaning from a page or during a conversation. I have a New York Friend whose electric communication arrived this evening after the Long Day At the Hospital where both I and my daughter each had an appointment. We had a nine hour day keeping one another supported and happy in the tension of the space, place and pace together. I certainly need an advocate to stand with me as I care for myself in a wistful and clumping careless that comes from a less service directed customer policy. My situation has been dragging on for just a bit more than two months. My daughters  situation is one of misreading the ex-rays and preceded and postceded with  harsh words and misdiagnosis. What Am I to learn from this puzzel? I will say the the smooth functioning of society needs to be moved in the acceptable dance at the beat of the rules leading to harmony.  With the wide eyed innocence from the beginner being told very little about what was of greatest concern, the charm wore off quickly. It was not a collegial conversation. The one in the whit coat did not want or need much input. A patient must tell her story or is medicine practiced by flower power, hunch, and magic.

I spent last weekend at a wonderful conference on the Queen Mary tethered in Long Beach California for two days of grand communication cross disciplines to share information and creative ideas for the forward movement of societies in general and some particular projects specifically. A famously handsome man arrived from Scripts Center in La Jolla who had great humor and command of his subject. He is the researcher /doctor who people see when they have the last and least possibilities.  In the conference setting we are thinking of a family and larges groups. Coming home to the doctoring of an individual who is in terrible pain is different. The particular pain cannot be treated as though it was a large generalization.

My new contact at Scribes Center gave me insight into the every day lives of doctors which I imagined as the doctore in that little room spoke to my daughter about HER arm, wrist and fingers. My daughter wanted to derive information about the specific situation and the doctor was not listening with this particular person in mind but more of a general list of modifications that might effect change over time and not the help she needs right now.

I sat in on the first consult about the wrist and fingers just under a month ago at Marin General Hospital. The x-rays , the tech nations, and the reading of the examination and the tests where precise and clear. The same process was different in that they did not find the break or the floating bone and treated my daughter in a manner that expected and drew out conflict. Confrontation is not a healing tool.

My situation is not much better since the physical therapy department choose to hire people who view their jobs as hours that they must be in the room in this building. My shoulder was injured during the radiation treatments and I cannot move it normally . I have constant pain yet the causes of the pain are not addressed but the masking of the pain with drugs.  Going to the doctor and getting repaired with good care needs the patient to have an advocate. I watch the proceedings and wonder what I can learn form this process. We are all human beings and our bodies have different density of various chemicals that construct us slightly differently from one another. I have red curly hair and the doctor has long straight dark almost black hair. Friday my daughter will take up the process to again strive to get health care for her right hand. It is the right hand for writing, for cooking and such but most importantly it is the right had for making beautiful piano music. She started spaying for the love of great music at four years and has progressed thens. The crises of the creative spirit when a tool of action is down is a crisis of the heart. I wish that the necessary electrical charge inspires both the healing from within the skin and this electrical impulse inspires all the doctos to fo the best effort to return my daughter are to her fully functioning. Blessed be!



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