Rewiring the System

On Behaving Badly When Bored

It has been a month since I have had the energy to actually be bored!  Doesn’t it take energy to be ablaze with Yawnnnn? The first fact: is that I have been unable to type much this past month. My mind is undernourished.  The second fact: is Cooking! I am unable to figure out what to purchase and how to cook what I get. I seem to have passed by the insight to make healthy meals for myself all by myself.  I have a fuzzy feeling because the stuff I have cooked then stuck into mouth which shuttles into my bloodstream which is not constructed correctly therefore is unable to make the right regime of nutrients delivered to the hungry brain needs, my hungry brain just is not working very well.   This situation is on the way to turning around now that a particularly Excellent Chef is Being magnetically attracted to my heart and brain. She is willingly creating food for me creating a Jacobs Latter up to energetic paces that is alive and is delicious!

I know that everyone reading any blog can empathize with immobility.  In spite of this physical and mental immobility I am able to feel. My heart continues to be filled with Love able to share loving attention.

My dear friend Drives like an angel with the movements and poise of a fighter pilot. We arrive at the Museum an hour before the main room is seated for an interview between the writer and a media celebrity journalist interviewer. This event will be shown on C-SPAN some time soon. .. The Book , About Google, I am told is a good page turning read. I sat listening to the spin stories about the Google magic, the rigor of the quarterly paper reports, the pressure to produce at a 120% that included the 20% ‘free’ time. All the early joys of a complex need to sort and search. The were the guys who did moon the big giant and now they are that very big corporation.

The Google had Orkut, it was the first general friend communication site, and it was wonderful in the beginning. It was easy to use and the friend finding was global and grand. Today Orkut is still and cumbersome. Wave real time conferencing where people could join the conversation. I had a great Wave cycle which was no longer supported by Google so it came and went. And there is BUZZ where I have great super GEEKs from all over the world as my BUZZ friends. The interesting product to be rejected by Google is great fun: Foursquare. I use this networking tool. In fact while I was sitting in the audience at the Book Talk, I opened foursquare and found that there were 8 other people who signed in from that very auditorium.

I tuned out the general polished old drivel news taking instead of posting a picture on facebook and on foursquare, at the very moment when the Writer told the story about how the staff meetings there was a complete moratorium on using hand held or lap top devices in meetings at Google. I thought ,,,, Gosh where is the chocolate!??

There is a difference between what is going to be collected from the users computer machine number address and the open source encrypted private communication. It is easy to store and share with various agencies all your information including the color you chose to paint your toenails last week.

Right in front of us,  since we are facing the great drug that the digital is becoming. To keep the internet opened our thinking is not in the Museum Auditorium. I am in the lap of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

So what, ask the adult business managers at Google, is the next communicator for people spread around our globe or private information collector? Do people actually want to know what is going on or just want to use the service without knowing what is going on in the digital offices down here in Mountain View?

A friend called and asked to drive me to the Computer Museum somewhere in the South Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay area. 17 Million just to cover the costs for the exhibits!  The building and land cost much more.  It is a wonder to drive down, SO Softly the site shouts elegant. I did not have to do much to get there.  The call comes that the convertible will be here to pick me up in 20 minutes.I put on my jeans and my new Raymond Kurzweil ‘T’ shirt that proudly proclaims Prepare to Evolve! The Digital Sea washes your soul. smile


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