Rewiring the System

Rethinking Father

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 19, 2011
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As Mothers Day Calendar date flips ever nearer and since every biped came from a mother source I turn my mental torch in the direction of the creative Homunculus. This structural cosmic man lives in the collective electrical negative. Though the electrical charge functions smoothly there are the ever present emotions spinning in our heads though we do not acknowledge that these very emotions are as real as each of our individual toes. When I bump my toe on a spatially misplaced chair leg the intense pain seems to linger in my skin, muscles and deep in to my very bone. Ouch!.

As crevices on the Sun bubble and expand into dark spots they shoot flares of gamma energy toward our planet as well around the spacial soup surrounding our planetary space, so many people feel the Forces of Nature. Many are having some run-ins with their families today, even an angel like yourself will be feeling the pull of balancing the Father, your Father in your self.  I am wondering and wanting a healthy rethinking of your and my and our principles. What motivates me to clear up some troubling issues with my parents, and in particular my father.

I am changing. I am attracting healthy creative strong men after a long space just filled with desires, magical thoughts of a purely material nature. I have great passions about life and I have great calm in listening to great passion. I recommend rethinking the good residue: RNA. Retain the wisdom in the patterns that carry the most spark and snap for your particular personality. Universe of the Father in the bunch of days or week sections until the part of me that is him allows a fuller and richer coloration. I invite myself and all of my readers to open in your hearts of the Father, their Father and brother along the path. This is quite an undertaking. I want to understand all the parts and which ‘memes’ direct color processing that is functioning. How does the functioning of another person in close proximity redirect one of my thoughts as we dance in the sun beams anchoring the light into our eyes. Father energy Help is all around me. I await the arrival of the strength. Come then You and I into the particles in the sky, Particles in the big blue pancake.


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