Rewiring the System

LOVE: I Am LOVE, You Are LOVE: great thought

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”


Mahalo in Meditation and in Life. I get a wonderful thoughtful comment from a digital friend.

Great Thought

That’s a great thought, my friend comments. And then as they respond to their fear, they invent stories, and generate ‘beliefs’ and generate ‘faith’ and thereby cause no end of mischief.

I reply: Oh! Yes, it is a heart searing pain that I have of this truth in action you expressed with such elegance. Right now at this very time I am shot with arrows of pain from people who are afraid of the light. It has two sides. One is just plane arrogance and knee kerk mischief and attacking me the other is giving up on showing up on time. People say they will call or they will help or they will participate and just don’t. This combination is breaking my heart. I need a new circle of people who in time can be loving supportive friends who have sufficient self respect to just show up in this dance of living the natural goodness of freedom and light in action.

All this comes down to The moment the Guy Of My Dreams says:  One Good Night With A Woman Like You. I want to feel his heart throb with magnetism generating a kind of gravity that allows our heart pulsing electrical charge to bond us to the great flow of the Beloved. My bond with the Beloved in my Heart is a quiet centering I must do every morning … I reply in a naturally poetic expression of my truth of being real together in the flow of real life.

Refuse Superficiality

and a looking Looking for myself as Love that I truly am in every cell. I am Love as it is Love that holds my cells together. It is Love that does not play dice with our Hearts. It is Love that brought this Masculine Power who Is LoVe in action.

Now we stop the unreal
Together realize what is real
Not conceptually but directly
Not going for the gains but go for the radical invitation
Where am I in relation to Freedom
Ask as you move into your silence
Ask:  And what am I made of?
Where is my edge?
Stop for a moment and examine the most basic assumption
It is the actions of ones personality
Nothing that happens to me can take away my freedom
You do not need an extreme case
Take a moment of safety and privilege
It is a challenge to say the truth
My story is to get the object that I keep loosing
The only value is to stop the story I am free to Love and not to loose
That is a living freedom
Is there a duration?
It happened once, this living freedom, it is an experience of not searching for anything
Then you have the truth of yourself.
No Dissolution No Objectification of the silence of the moment
Recognize yourself as LOVE
You do not have to inclose the light the enlightenment.
You still have the life, the emotions, the problems the arguments
We are all made of the same substance that is a pure pristine-ness calling you
Stop everything, Stop the Spiritual Concepts, Stop falling back into the self doubt
Stop falling back into the baggage you leave with your shoes at the door.
I put all my baggage at your feet
I can’t fake a love affair
Don’t drop the preciousness of the true one
Truly surrender to  some attraction
I have to pay attention
Stop where you are, You are already awake
Imagining me and my world
Our world intertwined in a constant state of love.
The Real Deal
What is alive is Consciousness
Whatever your life is like
Wake up to the Truth
And then you have choice
Surrender to the crossroads You Are Here
I am waiting and listening
Let’s Show Up

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