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Road Trip

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How many people do you talk with in a day, (a week, a month, or a year), about going on a pilgrimage?  Is there any end to the road trip? I took off from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and drove across the country along the ‘blue routes’ tracing the life of Abraham Lincoln. I had a pic-nic in a lawny knoll where the engagement of Abe’s parents was certified. The most amazing construction of American Preservation is the Log Cabin where Abraham Lincoln was born sitting in an Doric miniature Parthenon Gray Marble high point of Grecian architecture. Here, in the middle of the country surrounded by fields and dotted by small towns is a place to fit the man and his great service to this country. We have put this man on the pedestal. The Greek Temple Ideal Pedestal is a structure employed to give greater importance generally to the support memory of the person and events for people to see the specialness now.

I need to put my road trip on a pedestal.

My road trip started more than thirteen years ago.  I love picking up and looking around. One of my favorite two lane is Route 395.  I Come to do what I have to do and rest at the incredible Winnedumah Hotel – Bed & Breakfast (Across the street from the Inyo County Courthouse) 211 N. Edwards St., Independence, CA (760) 878-2040
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 189, Independence CA, 93526 There is a host of interesting side trips on the web site:

The place is central to a months worth of adventures. The Mountains, the Lone Pine airport cafe for a great tuna sandwich, the small town feel resting base before taking off in any direction. It is the road trip nexus paradise.

“Lone Pine Lake is the first notable landmark. It is nestled in between the high peaks. One thing nice about this lake is that no permit required to hike this far. You can go about 2.8 miles from the base of Whitney Portal until you must have a permit. I have driven up to the base of the real hiking road to park and stroll across the wooden walking bridge over a waterfall and have a hot chocolate and watch the big hikers load or unload their equipment.  “You’ve made it to the summit! Elevation 14491 feet and the highest point in the continental United States! Celebrate by having your photo taken with the magnificent view and also by signing the book at the weather station.”

This evening I caught a PBS show on the internment of Japanese Americans in a place called Manzanar. Manzanar has been referred to as a “War Relocation Center,” “relocation camp,” “relocation center,” ‘internment camp’, and concentration camp. ” Just down the 395 in Independence, CA is this harrowing walking tour. There is a museum connected to the site. At one of the several times I visited this holy site of mans inhumanity to his fellow man, there was a display of photographs taken by Ansel Easton Adams. His pictures of the internment camp is Very Moving experience.

Do I know what is good for me about being born in these United States of America? I get to travel freely. Time for me to sleep I will want to say more about Road trips and my special experiences in and around Lone Pine CA.


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