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Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 12, 2011
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Remember when you first heard about Meditation?  Last night on a late night major tv station there was a bit, a longer than most news segments, about how meditation is important in the work place. It is just getting started! The commentator said that in order to reap the benefits you do not have to wear a robe, burn incense, join a cult, attend religious events, get in a funny position, or know the secret hand shake.

The best part of the news bit is the powerpoint of the parts of the brain that get exercised and strengthened. Seems that an early morning time of breathing in a relaxed sitting position and focusing on the air going fully into your body and completely out is like upgrading your mother board. I call this activity: sessions on one pointed focus. All you do is only think on your breath. You and I are ‘going to the gym’ for our brain.

Last month I was at a talk at the CCARE center at Stanford where the director of the program and a short circle of colleagues chatted up and referenced going to GYM, (for the brain).  I have been using the phrase, “Meditation is the Gym for the Brain”  since 1997.  Somewhere in the list of past blog posts are pages which include quick exercises to get your animal diaphragm to function pulling and pushing air into your lungs properly. The title on that posting is something like Breathing and other of life’s little secrets. Though in the digital age the precise letters and right order of words are the only key to finding the pages.

I am waiting for an invite into that shinning shinning bright person or thing to bring Meditation into the halls and offices of some big and small local businesses.

Just relax and breath. Ask yourself the Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger big question: Is the air pushing and pulling the anvil of your lungs or are your lungs moving the air? I guess you could only tell if you were actually looking at the lungs in action and at that point the cat would be dead. What?


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