Rewiring the System

I Have Been Waiting For You

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 14, 2011
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I will make you a better person. I believe that as we all serve one another we become better humans, more gracious and  gentle. As a communicating animal I look forward to every conversation. Loving attention is an important infrastructure in our relationships of every size within the Human Family of 6.8 billion people.

I have a favorite Indian cafe here in Berkeley. It is Vik’s Chaat Corner where the street food is served in a deli like setting. The place has grown so the management has painted the walls in a sunny spotless sort of way to ignore the train track and side street origines of the food itself. 2390 4th St (between Bancroft Way & Channing Way) Berkeley, CA 94710  (510) 644-4432

Hours   Tue-Thu 11 am – 6 pm  Fri-Sun 11 am – 8 pm
I sit in the sunny redecorated factory building and think about all the proceeding days, my old times, my past, my roots, and enjoy all the connections I have made. I still have to choose just how strong my connections remain.  I am remembering the good times. The times of shared common interests and the people I have a lot of learning going on in an uncommon opinions. I know there are people that I have shared interests and adventures.  I am feeling sentimental about my history. My new life here in California has some bright stars but I feel less harmonious with the people and situations. I know that Peace inside is reflected outside. I have peace and harmony in the land of sunshine. I wonder why the good and the peaceful are less organized than the conservatives.  This is such an ideal way to live my life.
I ask if I might sit in the table next to a man and woman. The man looks up and says to me: I have been waiting for you.
There is relief in a nice turn of phrase. I too am waiting for You.
Real change comes from inside the heart at the same time celebrating the connections built by what is good in our lives.
We are humans who make love. Love with our heart and love in action with our deeds. Creative people provide the insights into life. Peace through Beauty.

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