Rewiring the System

Walking and Swimming

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 16, 2011
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The place where I go to do my walking and swimming is very nice. It has white tiles with a nice non garish or too dark blue tile trim. There is an air or cared for and striving cleanness. I am feeling weary both from the radiation causing unbalance with the fluids inside each and every one of my cells and from the tediousness of generating patience. So I step into the first lane of the 25 foot long pool and start to slide along. There is a marshal arts teacher who showed me a funny athletic walk during the time I was actually getting the radiation and drugs. He showed me the walk to open up my chee center but instead of being deadly serious he said it is derived and therefore called Mother Gorilla running after her babies in the forest. I am sliding along not thinking aobut anyhtoin but moving my legs in the certian way while I am just feeling sad and sullen.

The last several days have had unique emotional challenges that I managed to ride and not get enmeshed. A woman who wanted to share the lane spoke softly to me prior to entering the water. She said Hi. Yes that is the whole of the start of our conversation. But it was a sharp crack that turned on the light in my heart. Her voice had an exceptional quality of spark. It was firm but nice. From that minute I was transformed and felt happy and cheerful and relaxed. After another lap or two, I excused myself and as our wet bodies passed I said to her that her smile really sent a light to my heart and I am feeling relieved and happy.

I changed from the walking lane to the slow swimmers lane and spoke with the woman who was the only lap swimmer in that lane. I asked her if I could swim with her sharing the lane. Then I noticed she was Indian. I was filled with graciousness where my natural kindness was ignited by the first woman’s smile. With my expanded heart qualities and as such was inspired to ask her where she went out for indian food! What a fun response: I do not go out to eat Indian! I prepare curries at home.  Wellll… I say, I tell her about my being told by a famous doctor at the Osher center that I should eat curries .

I have been going to one particular place and I wondered if there was on which had really good foor that is less likely to be fried. She telles me about a place she considers good. (after I try this new place I will tell you all about what I think of the tastiness.) The the punch line: She invites me to the Vedanta Society Sunday service and tells me that she does the Indian cooking  for the center, chaat is served after the talk given on a significant part of the gitas.

I then was able to extend my exercise period because my relaxed happy mind allowed my body to unstiffen and let the movement move my muscles. Nice…

I went to the hottub and fine several people who were present at the very fun conversation about politics and the qualities of one Italian leader and one of the aspiring currently registered as republican. So every one was feeling thee mirth.

The first woman’s smile touched me and continued to touch everyone I talked with. Smile


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