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Enjoy The Maker Faire

I am due for some news… some very good news: The YoYo is elliptic and spiraling out to a new song.

The Age Of Compassion Has arrived! Creative people all over the world are taking a new look at the way they live their lives and wondering how to step forward to a song from their hearts.

Today I spent hours and hours walking around with a hord of lively bipeds and their flock. Adults and children came to San Mateo share the creative process with creators and other interested persons. So many people brought their children and so many children served up creative projects for other children. It is an ageless circle and cycle of caring.

I was very moved by a high school class from Palo Alto and a parent making large individual stickers with the desired design of the attendee. I had the good fortune to speak the the Parent in charge of this ‘make craft’ section of Expo Hall. He said to me that he organized a group so they can give happiness back to all the people since they are most often on the receiving end of abundance.  IMAGINE, The Wikimedia pamphlet, announces on the cover of the polished hand out, A World In Which Every Single Person On The Planet Is Given Free Access To he Sum Of All Human Knowledge!

This is not uploading your brain on a machine but everyone sharing their part of the unique human history and individual interests, accumulated knowledge, and wisdom gained by just living everyday to the fullest! The people sharing by typing stories and facts are of every age. Step up and join this group and their effort in being there for the common good of everyone:

In this building alone there were over three hundred creative offerings!

Imagine a world with out war and misery. If humanity is to survive we must become a global family where each gets what they need to fuel their individual growth and unique contribution to the whole. Flux and flow is beautiful in the tradition started at Burning Man where nothing is for sale. I was inspired by GalaxyGoo, which is a cell project to develop learning tools that fire up the imagination of student which uses the USF campus during the summers.

I was especially taken with three scientists who made astonishing jewelry from the molecular structure of oxytocin and dopamine. I just looked and laughed out loud! They also publish ‘the astonishing result’ of mixing hard science, real art and the inspirational intuition into a  Tarot Deck! If you know any much such about real science you will roll on the floor laughing while you are enrobed in a feeling about what is just around the corner in your future.  They share their love of Nature!  How totally different and imaginative!

Find Original equipment destined to blow your mind at: and CMKT 4 where the directive is to Build It Differently:  and

On a stage was a presentation on how to manage some beginning steps to get out of the ‘my’ power based consumer economy that has swept the western world and is held in esteem by the emerging economies.

Rentalic is a sharing based business:  Neal Gorenflo, project director of Common Source strongly suggests what others have suggested. It is that if humanity does not change its desires and goals for more stuff our human race is doomed for destruction. This is a world wide movement based on sharing and the non lucre driven economy. I smile when he told a brief bit about hotels wanting to shut the apartment finding process especially in big important cities such as NYC, USA. Imagine that!? Find more information about his work and his connection to many groups on the site:

The sound stage mics were powered by several bicycles generating electricity before the bands could play. How interesting that the audience gratefully got up and pushed the peddles so all the people in the semi circle of seats would get a concert!

If you get a chance to attend this event at the San Mateo County Event Center Sunday 22 May, you will be delighted and surprised. Next year I will be sure to get information earlier to support your planning. I went in with out the schedule or the layout and just meandered. Last year I had a clear plan and sow more and enjoyed it more fully.

I brought my own food and snakes both for a healthier choice and a cost cutting effort. There is all sorts of food available and the Whole Foods two or so long blocks down to the north. Wear sunscreen and a creative hat or either make or purchase a chapeau. One woman turns her plastic grocery and news paper bags in to loops which she daisy chains then makes a ball as one would do with yarn then had it crochet into hats and bags and the such. they had a soft yet strong hand.  Every 8 to 10 feet is another Oh My Moment. I hope you check it out an enjoy it as much as I did.


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  1. badthing1 said,

    I am loving what I have read, Ilsa! thank you for sharing your fabulous experience. 🙂 Now I have to look at these links that you’ve given so that I can add them to my website’s Link page.

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