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Red String

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 28, 2011
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Recently, as there are warm sunny days, arms are exposed, I notice so many people have a colored string around their sun dappled wrist. Why?

I see the strings and wonder why wearing a thread has any meaning?  So many people in the world have outgrown the ‘Religion Story’. Yesterday I attended a bloggers talk in the City. I do not remember the sentence that set her off but one woman started to rail on about how religion injured her ability to relate to her family and the human family. The leap of faith was so janormous that she fell into some deeply separate chasm and has not been able to climb out. She was eight or nine when something happened which forever tornadoes her brain around organized religion. The very use of the word in any context sent her tongue sliding off into a cacophony of syllables. Oh MY! Say I as I try to find a way out of the conversation circle. She woke up and found out that the Pope is not perfect.

Today I get an email that includes this story about Religion using politics this month in this year to replicate the artful folly of 1984!

I feel at the intersection where safety or shattering is the only  choice. Everything is black or white, good or evil. Oh, the terrible pressure, to be self judging…. without the grace of the flow in Nature to support in well grounded poise, our human beingness. I cannot give up on the less material, less dense, construction molecules of my being. Whatever the label, big bang or solid state, there is a moment where the flow folded into now.

There is a wisdom in the core of my being. There is a truth in my heart and I know it. I might not give it a general easy word, a common nomenclature, the way each circle of belief manages to keep the rain off their parade using an verbal umbrella, but I have some inner knowing that there is a meaning to my actions.

This string, often red, though there are orange and multicolored ones, is always a gift from some caring individual.  It could be given to commemorate a moment in the life from a Mother, Grandmother, Sibling, teacher, or Great Master of philosophy. Given to the wearer from one of many different possible sources and for a multitude of reasons. You want it because? I ask myself why a string, what does it signify at its root rather than the many ‘story’ options. This story may be an ongoing imbalance of power where men have not woken up to the graceful intelligent manner of accomplishment when woman wield their half. The Half which consists of loving life enough to bring hearts and minds together. Some times she gets antsy for her proper position to share in the freedom of the blended heart..

I remember an event given by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in NYC. The red strings were bring given out by attendent lamas to the several thousand assembled at the auditorium, yet several dozen people jumped out of their seats to run up to the stage and get one from His Holiness personally. I watched as one of my friends ran up and got one from the Dalai Lamas’ own hand. I imagined the danger if all people in the room rushed up as J.V.W. did!  That moment really crystalized the question: What does the string represent and how does it work in peoples lives.

Perhaps the answer is so simple:

It is a uniform of membership in the growing army of compassionate people who stand on the side of the forces of loving attention toward one another. I will call the string a badge of honor. It marks the fact of loving kindness and a commitment to uphold goodness in thought, emotion, deed, and word.


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