Rewiring the System

Rocket Science

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 28, 2011

Everything worth the title ‘ Value’ is rocket science! So fun. I imagine I am a rocket scientist in my life.  I believe this is all sexual at its root since we, man and woman, are 2 halves of some yet to be discovered whole. Who are we when we meet our other half and find us together.

No one can feel the rain on my face but me.  I only get wet from the drops that fall on my body. This what so many people can not understand … I see people acting as though this is rocket science.

I am an important individual in the fabric of the human family. This is not about my style or personality but the individuality. Individuality is the state or quality of being an individual; a person separate from other persons and possessing his or her own needs, goals, and desires.

The individual is relating and relative yet invisible and indivisible.  Thinking about yourself in this way is difficult but living one minute at a time is easy as silk on soft skin.



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