Rewiring the System

The *New* Normal

After a disaster the people who are left to pick up the ‘tooth pick’ size pieces face a different *every* day. It is a “New” Normal for Mothers and Children as Fathers and all family try to find a solid footing and fun. How can we, all around the United States, figure out what each one of us really wants to do to help those thousands of people in the Joplin area. They need everything.  Ask your church or social club. I wonder a suitable plan so that by the time of the holidays a great bundle of presents to ease the *New* every day Normal.

I am really feeling inside of my heart and in my mind, feeling the energetic pulse of the hearts of all the courageous people in Joplin MO who have their lives scattered across the horizon. Th esound of their anguish reaches me though not only me. The brave faces of people with amazing strength to start new and make a vibrant life out of diversity is inspirational.

I know there are free thinkers who want to talk and tell the truth.  Who but very courageous people will expose the spin? So much of what is called news is just manipulation of someones idea of what will get the people to do and behave a certain way. News beyond recognition. Reformed to control peoples actions, minds and belief. This is why my hero is Julian Assange. His website is a conduit for worldwide real news that is actually happening. Some have called him bad names and his work labeled as dangerous leaks but he is fostering news so that citizens, world wide, can participate in the functioning of their governments. He works with the stated purpose of creating intelligent participation in saving our Earth. Bucky Fuller says that War Is Obsolete. Knowing what is going on in areas of disaster is as important as knowing what our leaders are reading and writing and doing with the information which comes form real every day happenings.

I want to write to my government officials. I go on line to :

It is a real effort to speak the truth and it is a great effort to really listen and hear the truth. The people who are getting their hands behind the meaning and building a new path and a new future along the path that stands on the past but is not rehashed same path. It is not a Splash that wants to make headlines and news that will not be accessible or understood.  I want to reach out to the few readers of my blog to think about what they feel in their harts that will contribute to the building or rebuilding of the structures and the lives of the people in Joplin.  What are you driven to contribute to the rebuilding. Listen to some fo the greatest Organ Music Ever written to the glory of service to the less material Beloved as well as contributing to the beauty for all those listening to these sounds pulled out from the highest intuition.

In preparation, we as individuals do not know what will happen next, all of us must prepare for what changes are descending on and into our Planets Earth Changes.  A start is making an individual plan for Survival. Here is a Link to the site with the 50 Ways You can see how to save yourself and the ones you love and practice this plan: Open this Link and read carefully . Try to male it so in your life you will feel prepared to be safe. If Earth Changes come to your town, YOU will know what to do. That is such a good feeling.


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