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My Friend The Rocket Scientist Morning In “Patriot Act”America

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Would you say that Moral decisions are much easier when one’s moral patients are extrasolar planets, rather than people.

My digital friend Posted these comments on Facebook :

An anonymous caller called the police and told them that a man with a motorcycle and a weapon was in my neighbor’s and my back yards. Within 30 minutes, the two (who scared the bejeezus out of Vija.. she’s never seen police with guns before) were joined by eight more, some with high powered auto rifles, who blocked off our entire alley (ten houses, several apartment buildings), including Vija’s daycare at the end of the street. It was a false alarm, apparently. Do I feel safer? Nope. I doubt Vija does either.

American police in their vigilante mentality these days shoot first before asking questions so my primary goal when they first appeared on my doorstep was to get Vija out of the house to her daycare. But the problem with that strategy was that Vija’s daycare is near to my house, so by the time I got Vija outside, her daycare was surrounded with police and police cars too.

And all of that for a prank call about _one_ person on a motorcycle with a weapon. Was it really necessary to send Boulder’s whole police department? Did they honestly have nothing better to do this morning? They succeeded to scare a bunch of kids.. think about that, Mr. Policeperson, when the next generation of young people want to be as far away from you as possible.

I would say _very_ rare instead and I do believe that this response is typical. Even though it wasn’t a SWAT operation, over-the-top responses are the norm rather than the exception in this country of police-gone-mad:​1/07/06/why-do-the-police-​have-tanks-the-strange-and​-dangerous-militarization-​of-the-us-police-force

Send the original two (who should be not the trigger happy kind) and ask questions. They quickly would have understood simple neighborhood contexts, such as the little dog next door that barks at everything. From my answers, and the answers of my neighbors, there was _nothing_ (‘no, we haven’t heard a motorcycle, haven’t seen or heard anything unusual…’) that warranted the large numbers of police, who had guns drawn and assumed shooting positions behind garbage cans.


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