Rewiring the System

The Power of Kindness

Kindness Celebrates Life!

I remember Rocky and Bullwinkle stories. This classic cartoon always pointed in and out the underside of every situation. Like chewing gum sticking your shoe to the pavement Rocky and Bullwinkle stuck to the elbow greasy giggles, revealing the goodness in life, humorously, because all ‘fairy tales’ have a happy ending.

All the Kind People I know live with a lightness of being, constantly finding humor in their own lives. Style!

Kind people heal everyone they meet with the simple joy of a smile. There is Great Healing in true warm heart overflowing with Kindness.  First mark of magnetic attraction of kindness is real listening. I have met a few people who when they are with you make you feel as though they have nothing else in the world more important than every word you are saying. There is an authentic need to know everything, all the details of what is going on from the point of view as you see it.  Real listening is accompanied and accomplished with patience. I can feel the Kind listener as Being Totally Present in the moment of our conversation or activity.

Its about Compassion since some people are difficult and therefore need more care and compassionate kindness.  I choose to serve especially when things are not ok. You can ask, ‘How are you doing?’ If things are not going well it is the time to let out a Hardy giggles
Its the joyful child in me and in each of us which bubbles up at the intersections of real caring and difficulties.

Kindness is such a blossoming possibility of more life yet to come in the face of mortality and ever constant change. The secret is to relish every possibility in every moment of our time together.

Today I choose to celebrate my human contacts. I want people to remember me for my Kind Listening and caring for them as they truly are at this very moment of our communication. Good listening uses no assumptions that get in the way and work against understanding. Assuming means you are thinking and not hearing that always clouds the truth. There are many things I might not want to do yet I do because I want real relationships.



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