Rewiring the System

Little Sponges

I simply could not engage in a confrontation with the three or more raging mothers in the Y shower locker room late this afternoon.  What a wild mess! All the children in that shower area had just splashed about in good cheer in the pool.  They had heard Loud Speaking by the swim instructors. I guess the swim staff must think the children are deaf! Therefore the loud speaking ambient emotions was just one more timezone of their noisy reality. Would the shouting been avoided if the parents had to swim laps in lane at the opposite end of the pool as the Y in Princeton NJ had instituted back when I lived in ‘Jersey? One thing is certain that in New Jersey when the Y was remodeling, Organization Staff had the places where grown ups was segregated from children changing rooms would be structured and organized well in advance to avoid any waste of energy : Its a barbarity that clarity is a rarity!

Here in Berkeley there was as suggested woman’s room for all the female swimmers but the parents who bring their sons to the boys room were not informed properly of the use change. Those boys, not old enough to wash and change themselves in the true mens room are now gaagoogleing at various size and shape of the undressed womanhood. I was assured that the twin boys were just ‘five year old’ as they leaned back on the lockers to focus their four eyes on my wet body. I turned around to try and avoid the glazed over concentrated viewing. I was uncomfortable and motioned my eyeballs toward the Mom which inspired her to tell me not to ‘Mind’ since they were around too young for it to matter.  This EVENT happened because the Y was not properly prepared for the members comfort in the designating properly marked changing rooms.

I want to start off by telling you that I am really nervous. I think that the 24 eyes of children focused on the decibel display where going to replicate the behavior of their mothers. Perhaps the abhorrent behavior will be spewed soon since school days are suddenly signaled near September? OUCH! Freak out mode. Then again, the replication of the parents *Banshee manners, could or will become integrated into the very fat and fiber of the children.  The shouting shrew woman are usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the underworld.  *(

All humans are little sponges drinking up every aspect of our four dimensional reality. Hey I felt I was being in the test-tube of future modern America. This is certainly more chaotic than than any social interactions in my childhood Y swim lesson experiences in inner city Philadelphia and certainly over the top of anything my daughter was ever exposed to in her swim lessons or swim team locker room out in bovine Valley Forge PA. Social Grace in everything except the cheering for your child to win the race. Who are the ‘saviors of the sea’ ?  Are the little ones in today’s theatrical cacophony going to turn into pirates, who only think of their own touchy responses to experience? Stephen Colbert would write them in as “Munchma Quchi”.

Mentally healthy care givers favor good times over outlandish responses to experiences. A Kind Mind Is A Fine Mind! I just allow my mind to rest, and I find, especially when I am surrounded by various inappropriate reactions to stimuli I relax very quickly.   I can sit quietly or rest in the moment. In this situation I smiled at the Loudest Mom with her long magnificent quaffed thick pelvis length hair and said, ‘I hope this wonderful energy ignites and supports the rest of your evening’. She called me a long list of bad names in return, sigh, I could here her as I walked down the Hall and into the director of aquatics.

The woman’s locker room will not be operational until after Thanksgiving! Yesterday was just plane funny. The boys were wide eyed at my crimson red bra and pink panties. I do not want to be part of children’s experimentation with their sexuality.

Loud angry parents have loud angry children who will grow in to loud angry uncaring adults who will make our world less happy and less safe. When trust is present, there is nothing in particular to do or say.

Children learn more from watching adults and doing what they do than any lessons given in conversation. For the children to be in what must be uncomfortable surroundings after their swim by having to share their space with all sorts of odd strangers showed a lack of forethought and planning by the institution.  I recommend the Y making a good plan and informing everyone with more than a big paper taped on the doors of the locker rooms. I feel the children should be given a sweet treat to get their attention while the new system is explained to them. And most important, make it an advantage for the parents to get in a suit and swim at the same time at the other side of the pool, as the children are having their lessons.

Relax and Let The Good Times Roll!



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  1. Rich Naumann said,

    Just remember that nude is natural. Perhaps the take away for the little boys is that they can be comfortable around nude women. Won’t do anything about their loud behavior, but it’s a start.

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