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Lovely Talented Graham Leggat

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I will miss his smile
 A Message from Graham Leggat

JULY 5, 2011
I am writing to share with you news of my immediate departure from the San Francisco Film Society, where it has been my unalloyed pleasure and honor to serve as Executive Director since October 2005. As you know, I have relished my leadership role in this dynamic, beloved organization. Unfortunately, health issues make it impossible for me to continue to serve effectively, and I am stepping down to leave the organization in the capable hands of a remarkably devoted staff and Board of Directors.

Since my arrival at the Film Society almost six years ago, I and my staff have given our all to transform the organization into a year-round engine of exhibition, education and filmmaker services, with public programming offered daily for the enrichment and celebration of film culture in all its glorious forms.

The recent announcement of the September launch of the San Francisco Film Society | New People Cinema marks a huge milestone in our 54-year history: for the first time we have a year-round home in which to present an increasingly diverse and vital range of programs. With this crucial addition, the Film Society rightfully takes its place as one of the top film organizations in North America, matched in scope, activity and ambition only by bigger institutions in the much larger markets of New York and Los Angeles.

As I bid the Film Society farewell, I am fully confident that the vision we have forged together of a peerless and vibrant film culture will continue to thrive and inspire. I extend my deeply felt thanks for your support of these efforts, and for making me feel so supported and encouraged. Not only have I loved this job but, thanks to all of you, I have felt like this job has loved me in return (something I’ve never heard anyone even say before, let alone experience).

In these past six years the Film Society has risen to new, previously unimaginable heights, and I am truly thrilled by the conviction that the organization—now at an all-time high programmatically, financially and as an agent of civic and cultural change—has its very best years still to come.

I am counting on your continued belief in the Film Society through the coming months, as my great friend and colleague Deputy Director Steven Jenkins steps up as Acting Executive Director and he, the Board and the staff consider long-term leadership strategies. Together, this supremely talented and dedicated team will ensure that the organization not only prevails through this transition but triumphs.

The Film Society has dazzling plans across the board for 2011–12, with flagship activities like the upcoming Fall Season of festivals and special events, extraordinary grantmaking award announcements and an increasingly comprehensive set of education programs. These many programs will be energized, beginning in September, by the powerful drumbeat of daily screenings and events at the Film Society | New People Cinema.

Let’s look ahead together, then, to a bright future, as I offer my sincerest gratitude once again for the amazing opportunities that the Film Society and all of you have given me.

It has been brilliant, friends, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Yours sincerely,


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