Rewiring the System

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on September 12, 2011
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I am devastated. I had no idea how the power of this day would that this day and all the junk of the publicity would unearth my tenderly buried experiences. Yes, I hear what people have said that this was an ‘inside job’  which is being used to remove options of the citizens of America and Populations around the Globe. Riots in France, financial crises across the European Community, privatization of water across Africa, The Manufacturing Middle class which has always been the Back Bone of My United States is drained away through the Clinton Nafta Legislation  which makes it easy for business to leave the men and woman who built those company with their hard work.

The attack, whether political maneuvering or other interests has worked to weaken America. The real abrasion tore off the safety net which holds society together. Now you get to call ‘the Authorities’ and report your neighbor that in your personal private non professional estimation he or she is a Terrorist!

I lose my peace of mind and my personal safety when I hear on todays news about the number of people who reported thousands of fellow americans as being Terrorists. The tireless shuffling through all the cal in reports have unearthed 2 possible situation that needed police attention.

I feel the Patriot Act made my life less safe. I feel, since the general population is catatonic allowing the enforcement community extreem THUG behavior and swagger with no public constraints. My time in the Richmond Court because I did not wear a seat belt because the area where the incision to remove the breast cancer  is tender and hurts under the pressure of the belt.

Back in 2001 I was hired to offer Meditation instruction and practice at the Omega Institute. A half hour timed session before breakfast and another before dinner at tis rural resort. This beautiful rustic looking rambling holistic art center complete with a large lake, though that image was just the surface.Under the old camp site was a structurally Perfect Hotel complete with all the Hotel systems.

Most of the people who attended those fateful two weeks lives around the Trade Center buildings


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