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Today I walked along the San Francisco Bay inlet. A river-let that glides along side the flow of traffic on Interstate Eight-Eighty. The Sun was approaching dusk but hanging on to the joy of shinning brightly in the vast blue pancake of sky. I am full of delight seeing the glistening algae unmoved by the under flow or the flocks of birds.  The afternoon sun warmed breeze fills my nostrils with sea scented air. I am filled with energy of Happiness.

My morning reading, a seeming aeon ago, was about choosing a way to think and live. The pattern of my thought and feeling habits becomes the fabric of my life. There are TV shows whose premise is ‘Change Your Thinking Change Your Life’, with tapes and cds to support your travel toward Joy. There are libraries and book store sections filled with Self Help Books, written since the beginning of the written word, espousing every possible wrinkle and fold being present in every moment of of life. Really!

The choice is of a Habit of Happiness or the Habit of Sadness. If you are always clouding your mind with thoughts of sadness, sorrow, and stress it is now surprise that you have to struggle to see the sunshine all around you. Thoughts are powerful even though you cannot hug a Thought! Thoughts create an energetic substance as potent and full of force as any seed.

Is it just a curtsey? Joyfully watering the happy view of being in the school of life is more than social grace and poise. Living life to the fullest means more than always listening before engaging.

In the early afternoon I went to the local, in my ‘Hood, coffee shop with benches facing the Big White wedding cake, Claremont Hotel. My friend who always says she is not out going, walks up to a man sitting on a bench in the shade and asks him if she and I can share the bench. It is a bench that is most comfortable for two persons, but she insists that I sit next to her as she puts herself down next to the man. He says that some woman was sitting there and might be coming back but until then we are welcome. I can tell by his humorous casualness that he is definitely Southern.  The woman returns, it turns out that they are not strangers… and we all start to talk. So much so that somehow we talk about our ‘Bucket Lists’! I tell him about something and he tells me about the Natchez Trace! What a joyful gift … This has been a  path for numerous Prehistoric indigenous settlements in Mississippi that were connected by the Natchez Trace. Among them were the 2000-year-old Pharr Mounds  of the Middle Woodland period of local history, located near present-day Tupelo, Mississippi.

I wonder if he was trying to tell me of his families history or just sharing a joyful adventure story? I feel he was recommending that I Just Do It!

Every moment is an opportunity for expansive happiness in the flow of being opened and ready to light up and share in life. Breath deeply and fill the bottom of your lungs and relax ….

21 September is World Peace Day:

Greetings  to all and best wishes for this International Day of Peace.

International Day of Peace Sept. 21,


Every year on the International Day of Peace, people around the world commit to non-violence and to harmony among all peoples and nations.

Peace is our mission; our day-to-day quest.

This year’s theme focuses on the timely issue of peace and democracy.

Democracy is a core value of the United Nations.

It is crucial for human rights.

It provides channels for resolving differences.

It gives hope to the marginalized and power to the people.

But democracy does not just happen; it has to be nurtured and defended.

The world needs you to speak out:

for social justice and freedom of the press;

for a clean environment and women’s empowerment;

for the rule of law and the right to a say in one’s own future.

This year, young people have been on the frontlines for freedom.

I salute the activists and ordinary people for their courage and determination to build a better future.

We at the United Nations will work in common cause to realize our shared aspirations for dignity, security and opportunity for all.

To all those seeking peace, this is your day, and we are with you.

Ban Ki-moon
May basic goodness prevail

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