Rewiring the System

The War Rages

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
– Albert Einstein

There on the main load supporting post at the Princeton Police Headquarters hung a picture with the caption, ‘Don’t Arrest This Man’ It is a picture of Albert Einstein, with his puffed hair and a regular brilliant guy Grin. His smile was his set expression as he wandered around the streets of the Small College Town taking in the fresh air walking without shoes or a tie . He had his mind on the intersection of time and space with the bending and folding as objects spun into the dance.

My mother’s girlfriend was Einsteins second wife. My Mother told me such interesting stories about how Einstein was basically uninterpretable in his office. He had little interest in food and did not want to be disturbed with any kind person bringing food to his desk.

The spiritual aspect of Mankind as the major move to manipulating the material world where the heart is the important impulse is what is going to save us from exploding ourselves. It is life to not know what is going to happen…But our global family have a blood struggle at every land mass. If we do not treat the human in us as a great resource ,will all the great thinkers and leaders be so frightened to speak up or out , we will all be a Sorrow Rut that our wagon would be stuck immobile in the mud of our own making ?

instein was against WAR.

Obama promised to turn down the numbers of American fighting in lost lands far off where the ambushes must be truly terrifying. There is absolutely no plan to bring the Wars to an end. This is the longest WAR in our History with more than 15% of the fighters of both genders coming back with brain injuries that relegates them to the streets or shelters in all American cities.

This situation that we call Unholy WAR drained all the manufacturing jobs out of the traditional manufacturing states. At a cost to the citizens who remain state side coughing the 4.5 Trillion dollars distributed to Bankers who have already have more money then they need to live.Street. The Persons Protesting the Money and Manufacturing drain to stop and that bad Public policies just are swept away.

We need not a thinking plan but a spiritual plan based on Loving one another to change the way we all behave in out political venue.

Look the politicians in the eye and tell them for sure that You and I want the soldiers HOME NOW

The difference between thinking and living! The sacred mind is not relative.


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