Rewiring the System

I Feel Your Pain Could be a Mortality Morality

Oh Yea, You feel what?  I do not Believe that people I have met most of my life, care about anyone other than themselves. What would you like to hear? I imagine saying “I feel your pain, is the way people say when they are ready to run for cover. Ouch

“Saying “I Feel Your Pain”, is an extreme sarcastic play that would only be bought out from the collection of possible things to say to a person in deep pain, or is dimmer than a box of hair and rocks, to the one, or other who is also naive.

What about love, Giving, receiving and finding Love. Which one of us is ready or willing to sacrifice even a half hour to go out of your way for a friend? The World of ‘Why Not’ is all about what you want to do right now. ‘Why Not’ is the other side of what would you like to do. It is using NOW as the fulcrum. This is a way of working a puzzle that lets you see ride.

What  would you like to do as a hook that ties you to the other persons agenda It is a classic combination of giving and giving from your heart as well as your actual Heart. Way earlier in our ‘cultured’ human history it was not legal to kill a plough animal, people were impelled to try anything which translated ritual murder into the power to digging out and revealing meaning from the Meat.

Then there is every idea of what is Sin. Who is making the list of what is and what isn’t sin.

Is there a person you know who has not felt the grinding pain of loneliness?  Since we each have known loneliness at some time, we can and should share empathy for one another.  I know what it feels like to have been shut out, to have had access to closeness, the closeness of caring contact that is simply denied.

At at one time or the other or I was living inside the picket fence boundary with a person cares for me unconditionally. Life and death questions are the same since the scribbles of Patañjali who lived and worked a couple of hundred years before the christian era. We are asking the same questions and arriving at the same answers. (I like Patanjali since his work is poetically beautiful and layered with meaning at every student level)

What do we need to change?  We need to love one another as though there is nothing else but Goodness, Loving Attention, and the antidote to Pain: Change.

Has Humanity changed much in 2000 years.  Ask yourself, what has changed and who exactly feels your pain today, yesterday, or tomorrow? I find that People cannot believe that change happens. I know people who think the phrase, ‘Change Is Constant’, is either some theater piece lifted from Shakespeare or Bacon, or An Equation in the Quantum. Change is not Literature, though ever time you finish reading a page you lift your finger and thumb and push or pull aside a page to expose a changed surface with type .

The last three weeks I have been bed ridden sick with sketchy fluids coming and going from the top parts and the bottom too. The infection started as a real horrible dust allergy. This condition is brought on when the apartment gets dusty. I have a person to come on and do the great job she learned in her home but she has not come for three months and my place is dirty and it Is Hard to breathe. Make a joke about this but the joke is, She feels my pain. Things have to change,, Don’t Play Dumb. Every choice is made in the persons best interest always and every time. The direction is Heading toward Winning. I am hoping that society should be better than the Individual. The group will being more information and more restraint.  (There could have been another picture here but some times It just does not load)


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