Rewiring the System

Oakland: Touch My Heart

It has been a long time comin’, but I know the change is going to come.  We all see that around the Globe that as governments of countries and cities run out of a continuous flow of money the governing groups start to do irrational things.  Every day working class people are trying to carry on though one out of four children are currently homeless in the United States of America. 

I remember, four or five years ago,  talking with a Police Sargent during or just after a session when I was enrolled in the local Community Police Academy. A Community Poli

Irrational Behavior During Economic Downturn

The cost of irrational conflict

A Community Relations Policeman saw my website and set up a time to talk about my being crisis management or chaplain in service with the police. There had been a student squeamish and the police stepped in to limit the area of student movement. I could feel the causes of the conflict with my senses in the same way you can feel an energy when people have antipathy. There is a magnetic resonance that lets you know what is going on. In this way you can walk down streets or in the jungle with poise. Where to put your toes on the path of life is an important skill. I asked this leadership quality man who is working as a police man what he would do when the real conflicts come. We could both feel the pinches of the economy. How was this going to play out in society in general and within the marginalized community? What side would he take? Would he stand with the side where his politics and beliefs define his actions within his personal life with his family or would he have to toe the line of the political directives? He said his job was to keep the peace. He was hired to do a job and he was told what that job entailed every day at the police morning line up. He would do what he was told no matter what he felt of held as a deep belief.

I was returning home from my Thanksgiving Dinner and I thought I would drop in to the Oakland Occupy group in front of City Hall. I turned the corner on to Clay Street from 14th and found a parking spot halfway between 14th and the pedestrian walkway to the Plaza. John Coltrane playing Lush Life was on the Jazz station. I just had to sit and listen through to the last note. I discovered John Coltrane and jazz when I was nine and stared buying the records when I was 12.

It is the surround sounds from the moment I came home from school and when I did my homework. Lush Life is my all time number one favorite tune. Billy Strayhorn is my favorite composer though I also revere the classics and hard rock giants. Billy wrote this song when he was 19 and as a young person I felt he understood the human condition in a continuous way that meshed well with my nervous system reaction to reality.

I turned off the engine and relaxed back into my seat and listened to all the fourteen minute version of this great tune. For All Whose Lives Are Lonely Tooooooooooo.

Peaceful Image Always Accompanies Me On My Journeys

I could see some 20 or more police milling around the 14th and Clay Corner but did not think much of it since I knew the Occupy Oakland was having a Thanksgiving for the protestors and any people displaced because of the flagging economy. Suddenly a half a dozen Police cars speed into parking spots on Clay street and out streamed another 20 or more Police in full uniform with battons in readiness. The Man In Charge clapped his hands and said OK lets go and I slid further into my car seat to try and become invisible and relax into the wheel of life.

Do You Know This Man?

He Gave The Order To Move On The 99% Using Their First Amendment Right Of Assembling.

The police assembled into a column of four or five across and 10 or so long and pranced in synchronized military step. The leader then clapped his hands and said ‘speed this up’. and the formation took of like a jet plane. I got out of my car as they turned the corner. By the time I got to the Plaza the police had surrounded the the portable toilets two thick.

You Get A Sense Of The Military In My Community From This PictureYou Get A Sense Of The Military Operation On My Home Soil


Lush Life created a sound barrier that protected me from direct contact with the military force of the Oakland Police. If I had not wanted to listen to the entire song I might have stepped out of my car at an inappropriate time and felt the full force of this Military Style Action.

Such Force Placed On Two Ordinary Woman

I wonder how to emphasis the power of Cooperation between the Legislatures and the Private Citizens during this difficult economic times?

Cooperation is what I lived as I took the pictures. It is my inner force of the Spirit of Cooperation that gives me the words to talk with the police during their operations. In fact the Sargent in charge of taking down and completely dismantling the second Occupy Oakland position in the Park with Mrs. Parks statue, told me He felt I was a reasonable person. Our conversation started with a question, ‘Where did the Occupy Oakland move to?’

One of the patrolman took my  picture with a rinky dinky flash camera when everything we said and did was being collected with the state of the art visual and oral technology!

Why Is He Taking My Picture ?

Why is He Taking My Picture ?

As Governments run out of money we can look forward to Less Cooperation.  Will we suffer more irrational proceedures by the footman of the 1%, our locally paid police?

What can we citizens do in the face of irrational governance and escalating confrontation between political parties? Where is the legislative cooperation for a successful America?


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