Rewiring the System


I was in line behind a friend waiting to pay for some purchase. I notice peoples hair. I mention that I really like her new hair cut. Yes, she says, her hair was cut just yesterday, as she spins and turns her head this way and that so I could see the way it moves in its layered elegance. I am thinking how good she looks, then I suddenly remember a radio story I heard earlier.

It was a science show, did you hear this story too? Someone sent in the question of why we all need haircuts? Why does a haircut get out of shape? Every human being, mostly woman, get haircuts for shape more than length.

The commentator announces, ‘the truth is that hair grows at different rates at different parts of the scalp!’ isn’t this fact amazing? My hair looses shape more on my left side, just past my ear, than anywhere else! Do you notice where on your head your hair loses its haircut shape? I am ready for a hair cut any day now for this reason, rather than just getting a haircut for the holidays.

She turns to me with a thoughtful and quizzical look and says, ‘I have been thinking about hair growing too’.   Then she continues with a most unusual interesting comment, ‘ I have never seen my hair grow. She conveys the image of very short, soft baby velvety, shafts making themselves visually known.  Hair falls out all the time so it must be replaced, yet I never see the short baby hairs softly starting to grow. Nor do I see hair at various lengths in the growth process.’

Does hair grow as Athena did,  born fully grown from the head of her Father? Rising from the life thoughts of Zeus as the heroic offspring? Does hair come out fully grown, longer than a bud, and ready for action?

I was thinking about action and reaction this morning. I was remembering how very quiet the neighborhood where I lived in Pennsylvania was. It was quiet all the time. I also currently live in a very quiet part of the Bay Area. I sometimes say that where I live, it is so quiet that I can hear the grass grow. The truth is that I cannot imagine what grass growing sounds like. Can you imagine the sound of silence?  I see the effects of grasses as bales of hay, lined up on a shaved field. And I know that the local lawns as well as fields of hay need tending; cutting or mowing or chomping by the traveling Goats…

The most wonderful grass experience was, all those years ago, before I had a family. I calculated the week or so when the grasses were so high to be waving in the breezes. I got in my Chevy and drove to Lexington KY.  The ‘blue grass’ of Kentucky is a visual treat that lasts just a week or so. It is just before mowing that the heads of this particular grass favored by the Thoroughbred equestrian racers is a gorgeous dark aqua blue. It is spell binding. I stood by the road for 20 minutes or more taking in the movement and the beautiful color. I came to this place to see this event in the growth process of grass. Before I saw it with my own eyes I could not be convinced that grass could be blue.

Time lapse photography could record the sprouting seeds moving as they grow in the diurnal motion of plant parts (blades) in response to the direction of the sun.

This was first described by Leonardo da Vinci (along with gravitropism) in his botanical studies, for the movement of the stem tip towards light.

Are my hairs reaching for the sun? The fact is that I see the hair length change yet I do not ‘see’ baby hairs sprout.  I do see the need for a hair cut! I do see the effects of eating healthy food in the shining healthy head of hair.  Even though I am not able to watch the beginnings I do see the actions and the resultant need for a scissor reaction!

There is a truth in this questioning. What is the sound of growing hair or grass growing? That movement  making sound may not be calculated near the beginning but the end is evident. This idea can be applied to social systems in the way they evolve toward the most positive ideals and images to make a creative global growth toward the Greater Good.

I am just going to get a trim!


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  1. goossbears said,

    The following essay is entitled ‘Oh, She Has Red Hair’ and is by Samual L. Clemens (the early Mark Twain), from the Hannibal Daily Journal, 5/13/1853:
    — begin quote —
    Oh, She Has Red Hair!

    TURN UP YOUR NOSE at red heads! What ignorance! I pity your lack of taste.

    Why, man, red is the natural color of beauty! What is there that is really beautiful or grand in Nature or Art, that is not tinted with this primordial color?

    What gives to the bright flowers of the field-those painted by Nature’s own hand-the power to charm the eye and purify the mind of man, and raise his thoughts to heaven, but the softening touches of the all-admired red!

    Unless the delicate blushes of the rose mingle upon the cheek of youth-though the features be perfect in form and proportion, and the eye beam with celestial sweetness, no one will pronounce their possessor beautiful.

    And the flag under which the proud sons of American sires find protection in every nation under heaven, is rendered more conspicuous and beautiful by the red which mingles in its sacred “stars and stripes.”

    The Falls of Niagara are never seen to advantage, unless embellished with the rainbow’s hues. The midnight storm may howl, and the thunders loud may roar; but how are its grandeur and beauty heightened by the lightning’s vivid flash? Most animals are fond of red-and all children, before their tastes are corrupted, and their judgments peverted, are fond of red.

    The Romans anciently regarded red hair as necessary to a beautiful lady!

    Thomas Jefferson’s hair was red-and Jesus Christ, our Savior- “The chief among ten thousand, and altogether lovely,” is said to have had “auburn” or red hair-and, although it is not stated in so many words, I have but little doubt that Adam’s hair was red-for he was made of “red earth” (as his name indicates), and as the name “Adam” was given to him after he was made, it is pretty clear he must have had red hair! And the great probability is that Eve’s hair was red also, she being made of a ‘rib’ from Adam, who was made of a lump of “red earth.”

    Now, Adam and Eve before they sinned, are generally supposed to have been the most lovely and beautiful of creation, and they, in all probability were both “red headed.” But you, O ye deteriorated black headed descendants of an illustrious stock! have no more taste than to glory in the evidence of your departure from original beauty! I’m ashamed of you; I don’t know but you’ll repudiate your ancestry, and deny you are descended from Adam next.

    — end quote —

    from the Hannibal Daily Journal, 5/13/1853
    Hannibal, Missouri

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