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New Year Resolution Light Filled Saturday

Posted in Consciousness,Health,Inner Power by rewiringangel on January 1, 2012
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I am surprised! I slip in between the bubbles in the warm jacuzzi at the Downtown Berkeley YMCA earlier today. Most times I go to exercise, I sit in the warm water and do 10 minutes or so of stretches before I dig into my laps.

Yesterday there were 5 or 7 people in the pool and perhaps 3 in the whirlpool in the early afternoon. Today the bubbling spa was at full capacity. Men and woman sitting shoulder to shoulder, each in their own world. I feel the crowdedness that pushes against my personal space and I wonder if I am going to be ‘too’ close to the person sitting next to the entrance stairs.

I ease my spine against the handrail and bend my knees so I am sitting on my heels with my shoulders under the light aqua. Yes, the Latin word labels the true beauty of this serene wetness.

The Cool Azure Lightness

He is sitting on the tile bench that encircles the pool. I wonder in my mind how he feels about my arrival so near his space. Is my presence uncomfortable since he was in the spot first. I smile and say ‘The pool is certainly crowded today’! He smiles, I continue, ‘ You dont’t mind if I am here?’ ‘Oh No’, he has an easy warm smile and his words reach my ears with a soft attractiveness. I look up from my inner revelry and reply, ‘I wonder why there are so many people here today?’  I am told that this is the effect of the New Year Resolutions! People are coming in to move their bodies as part of a plan for the year ahead but that in two weeks the crowds will thin out as people revert to their habits of sloth, couch potatoism, and

He asks me if I have a new years resolution? Actually I have been thinking for some time what I would like to change within my self which would manifest outwardly?  Last week I started to wonder what it really means to be a good person. My New Years’ resolution is to be a Good Person.

I asked this gentle man if he had any ideas about what the definition of Good Person is and what it actually means to be a good person. I felt in my heart that actions as a ‘goody sweet two shoes’ would serve no purpose in actualizing the here and now Peace through Beauty, Peace being the inner condition and Beauty its outer result.  Introspection is everything… ~ the greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think.  ~ david icke ~

I belong to the Socratic definition of Eudaimon spectrum:  Socrates is convinced that virtues such as self-control, courage, justice, piety, wisdom and related qualities of mind and soulare absolutely crucial if a person is to lead a good and happy (eudaimon) life.

This is True: Being A Good Person

Eudaimonia is an abstract noun derived from the adjective, eudaimon. This adjective is, in turn, a compound word comprised of eu, meaning “well, and daimon (daemon), which refers to a sort of guardian spirit. Therefore, to be eudaimon is to live well, protected and looked after by a benevolent spirit.

I must ‘Trust in the Light’ and discriminate about those who are diminished by my light. I am feeling certain you understand.

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