Rewiring the System

In My Craw Phish: Inner Desire, My Dreams Tick A Time Bomb

I have to make trade offs, because there are only 86,400 seconds in a day.

Some questions just can’t wait. Tick Tick Tickkkk I have the sincere inner impression that this has been my problem since the Earth cooled!   Grains of multi qualities of sand from beaches under the toes of those who have contacted me using the faceless port.

The Sky Is A Real Bondry To INFINITY Where Love Equals Enlightenment

I Do not know if the person is real, though I feel somethng. I do not get to ask the direct request:  Will you call? How to clear this up?

Relationships Weather the Storm

I am so happy with my single decision. I want Help! Help for what I believe to be this underestimated overblown and backwards inability to post. It is harsh and it is mine. I have the very first and longest unanswered WordPress Big Pink Pop Up. Thee or four days two men and a geekette all sent me home.

Hi Ya’all LUG’s,
I cannot post on my Blog by going to blog and finding a link to post.
I have to type out the blog address with post for that page to load.  I get a pink pop up on the blog page all the time. I have emptied my ‘cache’ and restarted the computer yet the pop up did not go away!  Can any of you help me? I will be coming to the Bobby G’s thank you,  [then messages in the PINK Pop Up] “Could not retrieve ‘id’ for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in…. “  {You Might Have to Cut and Past this link}

Where are my silver boots with the gold tassel? I feel out of the bondry, the usual safety circling area around my mind, heart. And the project Bondry, where on the inside are the people who could snap a key or two and put everything right. I am on the outside sloshing though in the face of my lines to the truth being cut.

I am the person focusing on doing what matters. It is important to let go and lose the snake of self small view sight of the inflated self. She who loses sight of their own happiness, loses sight of what they actually WANT. Loses sight of their individual, core identity. Definitely the dance that causes manipulation crushes spontaneity. Where will I go How will I drive there? Do I have the drive to ride into this adventure?  Mixed Up Computer troubles AGAIN!
Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave. – Mary Tyler Moore

Avanti, Avanti, Avanti! Pronto

If He refuses to change I understand that change happens anyway, He will change now and have joy and enjoy his joy. What can the turning away trot turn toward? I have been innocent, believing a potentially non existant network would be the web that delivers. Nothing fragmente nothing RISKED there would be no action. I want to be wanted. I want to get phone calls. I want morning tenderness.  I want not imagine this risk. It’s tough little computer problems entwined with tenderness of the heart and who can see how light and opened the process becomes when the flowers arrive

You reach out and hold me in your strong hands

I place myself in your capable hands

I have a big problem with two rivers.  I want the wordpress pop up removed and I do not know the back story able to cause a fix.

So, be yourself and do what matters. Come get in my Craw and lets Dance through life able to patch the WordPress together.

The Magic Puzzel Might Be A False Face

The Magic Puzzel Might Be A False Face

I wonder when the Maltese Dog the Doctor who wants me to collect Bounty by having a Pet to PET, Stroke, And WALK as I become a Health Hunter.
It is the Digital problem I cannot fit alone
It is the Yes No pull push of creation. Without creative people there is noPower
It is the fresh Flowers that could easily be sent
It is saying yes and what happens does not arrive
It is answering the questions of the heart as well as taking care of business.
It is the wide opened world of serving people, serve some you know face to face and serve others who would die without you though they have no face to face time. Is it still real.
Discrimination and scholarship. I canot tell which is good for me and what is toxic.
SO I Just did this Copy. It pretty much says it all.

This is the road

Here’s my Idea of a Healthy Relationship

Here’s my depiction of a healthy relationship:

He might have issues, but he becomes increasingly aware of them and fixes them.

She might have issues, but she becomes increasingly aware of them and fixes them.

He doesn’t blame her for his issues, and he doesn’t expect her to fix things when he makes a mess. She doesnt blame him for her issues, and she doesnt expect him to fix things when she makes a mess.

He has a centered life and takes care of his fulfillment.
She has a centered life and takes care of her fulfillment.

He loves her. Almost unconditionally.
She loves him. Almost unconditionally.

He’s masculine.
She’s feminine.

He knows his strengths and weaknesses. He uses his strength to compensate for her weakness, and asks for help when he’s weak.
She knows her strengths and weakness. She uses her strength to compensate for his weakness, and asks for help when she’s weak.

He doesn’t abuse the terms of the relationship.
She doesn’t abuse the terms of the relationship.

His boundaries are healthy.
Her boundaries are healthy.

They share together more than they live on their own.

Their time together is mostly happy.

He supports her mission in life and is an indispensable part of it.
She supports his mission in life and is an indispensable part of it.

When everything else fails and life stinks, he has her. It brightens the world.
When everything else fails and life stinks, she has him. It brightens the world.

In poverty. In richness. In the bad. In the good. In the ups and downs.

When he loses his focus and wanders, she nurtures him so he can find himself again.
When she loses her focus and wanders, he supports her so she can find herself again.

He doesn’t doubt her.
She doesn’t doubt him.

He doesn’t lie to her, ever.
She doesn’t lie to him, ever.

He can get loose and relaxed around her in total trust.
She can get loose and relaxed around him in total trust.

He would jump on the fire to save her.
She would jump on the fire to save him.

Both would rather die than let the other burn, even if they could escape on their own.

If he fails and she succeeds, she stays with him.
If she fails and he succeeds, he stays with her.

What they share is bigger than each one apart.

They offer each other their true reflection. And with a look, they both are illuminated.


So, I have never seen this, except once. My last relationship, the first couple of years, everything above clicked, but that was temporary. I don’t see people striving for it/this. The only “proof” I have that this is even possible is my inner desire for it and my past experiences with it.


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