Rewiring the System

Littering: Is This A Felony?

Should each of us be concerned that speaking up against

corporate greed could land us in Jail For The Rest Of Our


I am reposting this story I was sent by

I am in SHOCK! and though I have never been arrested in my entire life, I feel distrust of the governing bodies and the people who are administering local justice and all those in law enforcement. I feel that I am constantly being photographed when I walk down my streets which has become a part of global society. Still the idea of going to jail for trumped up littering charges is looming as a direction I do not want my World Citizenry to allow.

Protest Occupy Wall Street, Go to Jail for the Rest of Your Life

By Diane Sweet


[Photo of the teepee that led to Wednesday’s Occupy Oakland raid – via@geekeasy]

Khali Johnson was arrested for “basically littering,” which could somehow turn into his third strike and a lifetime in prison.

You may recall that I told you all about the situation with Khali last month, after his arrest during a December 16th Oakland Police raid. There was great concern because Khali had been held in detention unusually long, appeared at each court hearing severely bruised and didn’t have access to his prescribed psychiatric medication.



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