Rewiring the System

YOU Whored Your Way Into America

Good Person:  Self-control, Courage, Justice, Piety, and Wisdom

Imagine, how many people have had these words thrust into their ears and up on to their faces.


Honest and Hard Working

The Fresco from the Main Pompeii brothel a place of rest and relaxation prior to the Volcano Bang

I am filled with remorse when the Men belittle this ancient trade and those who bring pleasure into their everyday lives. I have no first hand experience of trading sex for cash. But, what could it mean, when a woman speaks against her femininity? Who was this woman’s tutor? Why she spoke at me today? How could she betray her gender and lash out at me and out against all mannered decent communication?

A harsh cut of 5 words to a human heart! Immigrants All! Why did she enter this Box?

The Native Americans are the only persons here who did not arrive on this soil from somewhere.

A genuine feeling for the Scriptures, along with hope for a continuing sense of insight open to all.

Peaceable Kingdom

Hicksites: 18th-century quietism, the followers of the Inner Spirit of Christ.

We all have to Embrace The Now.  It is the ‘now’ that is the only important part of a life. Not whereyou, or your parents, or their parents, were born that moves mountains.  But each individual by his or her actions and speech, working in the place on the globe where they find themselves at a particular time.

Broncos stun Steelers in OT

Today I sat across the table from a woman who hurled those 5 words at me as I sat in a circle of friends. It was a shocking epithet! To be called a Whore in public. Not Ho or some diminutive of woman on her back.. To be called a gutter word by another woman certainly raised eye brows of everyone in ear shot. The sports bar was packed with Pittsburgh fans and the game was in Over Time. The woman stood up and exposed her lack of self control.

I have been thinking about New Year Resolutions. This is a perfect Lucretius year. I am resolved to engage in embodying the Five Characteristics of a GOOD PERSON.  Self-control, Courage, Justice, Piety, and Wisdom.

Self-control is seriously missing from modern discorse in every area of interaction.  Today, as I sat across the table from a woman who hurled those 5 words at me there was a lack of understanding that we were in a circle of friends. The people were my circle of friends. She had come to this Pizza Sports Spot just two or three times.  Her song was against every Socratic Cell in my being.

Socrates realized that the Mists of Delphi Oracle was correct, in that while so-called wise men thought themselves wise, yet they were not. Socrates himself knew he was not wise at all, which, paradoxically, made him the wiser one, since he was the only person aware of his own ignorance.

People ought to be worried about the “welfare of their souls” rather than the size of their pocketbooks, he said is the purpose of living a good life as a good person.  The best known sayings of Socrates is:

I only know that I know nothing“.

Socrates believed wrongdoing was a consequence of ignorance and those who did wrong knew no better. Socrates is convinced that virtues such as self-control, courage, justice, piety, wisdom and related qualities of mind and soul are absolutely crucial if a person is to lead a good and happy (eudaimon) life.

Today we come to believe that there are six important parts of a happy human life:

  • Autonomy
  • Personal growth
  • Self-acceptance
  • Purpose in life
  • Environmental mastery
  • Positive relations with others.

We can thank the person who had Titus Lucretius Carus  book in a Pompeii home for the insight into the broad meaning of our limited mortal lives.

Lucretius was an Epicurean poet writing in the middle years of the first century BC. His six-book Latin hexameter poem De rerum natura (DRN for short), variously translated On the nature of things and On the nature of the universe, survives virtually intact, although it is disputed whether he lived to put the finishing touches to it. As well as being a pioneering figure in the history of philosophical poetry, Lucretius has come to be our primary source of information on Epicurean physics, the official topic of his poem. Among numerous other Epicurean doctrines, the atomic ‘swerve’ is known to us mainly from Lucretius’ account of it. His defence of the Epicurean system is deftly and passionately argued, and is particularly admired for its eloquent critique of the fear of death in book Three. (*

I Came To Find YOU

I Am Feeling The 'Chicken Of Courage' Of The Nature Of The Universe


The first and most important part of any success is Showing Up! I bought a copy of On The Nature Of The Universe for myself in my effort to learn the steps toward truly being a good person. Shall we form a Book Club?


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  1. Ilsa you have so much to teach this world. I am one of your pupils.

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