Rewiring the System

Not Here: Depression

Standing next to the director was a thrill. I did have to tell him that though he thought it was unusual for me to come to lunch at a place where I did not work, there was a reason. I have been trying to sponge up on the emotional vibrations or radient emanations of really smart people. For me it is like watching the sultry heat waves rise from the black top along a quiet country road. There where the air is not moved much by the activity of life you can see the heat waves clearly. I was hanging out at this center to watch the emotional waves rise in a setting where not much outside movement happens.

As a non academic I speak in my ambling way. I tried to  train my thoughts and fingers by taking a college level corse in Academic Writing. It felt like I was moving creators of concrete in my idea chambers between my ears.

Life happens: It is important to reach out to people when things are bothering and boiling in your feelings and thoughts.

Nature is balanced. There is a poise and a pause in the potential forward. This last week I have heard the soul searing stories of people who work in the myriad of different aspects of the highly focused digital world. It is a world apart with a mental modeling that the rest of us digital civilians rarely contact. The most common computer langues which do the heavy lifting have a component of the 4th dimension. I would call it LaLa Land. Like most thoughts, you cannot hug them though they are real.

People do not share that they are feeling blue and this builds up. The compacting of emotions in the core of a person is toxic. The generalized Blue become dark gray depression. The Darkness envelopes a person until they feel they have no options. There is no one to tell because the habit of sharing does not exist. I hear from a lot of people just in the past two weeks, that they imagine that there is no one who cares!

I want to let you know I care.  The winter of the soul might come from hours of sitting looking at a computer screen or other kinds of activity that does not involve the social human component. As a human being I am and we all are animals and need the pack, herd and pod to feed both our bodies and souls.

I have a few easy exercises that I will share in more depth in my next posting. Ror this moment I suggest that you stand up and bend your elbows so that your wrists are at ear level and shake your wrists and hands so that your fingers flop and smack as you move your arms so that your shoulder blades contract! Good capillary circulation from the tips of your fingers has some good flow and you are looking silly too . Laughing is a great gift you give yourself. Love Love Love.


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