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Obituary 4 Digital Immigrants

I am not cursed: It is all in my head. I am a poser and a loser.  Most mouths these days do not shape the words. We use our fingers to ‘talk’. Right now I am posing words and in your mind you are hearing them,,, With your eyes and fingertips we send out and take back the text.

We, any one of the many, who exist as a ‘normal’ in  computer creation software and hardware are a dispersed family. I am seeking an authentic rush when I complete a upgrade or test on any one of the three operating systems. I have a human reaction to the events of sitting and thinking then wanting to get corroboration. I am doing my piece of the project alone in a space on the side of a hill in Oakland California. A collaborator is in Toronto and another in a tiny town in Oklahoma another in Boston and two groups I attend here in the bay area.  Most often we do not live in the same house, or the same state let alone the same country. I have passion and respect for those that make my communication possible The way we say hey is by touching text!  Which words travel on text and how they are received is the same text of nuts, that is kernels in shells.

Being Separate and Separated

Find Yourself In The Spin

There are a few who have a passion to be on the top of the hierarchal construct. They are well known and through publicity and sheer arrogance manage to attract a circle of contact persons. The Warm bodies who hover around the Passionate Ones, who people listen to, no matter whatever is on their minds because there is a ‘giveback’ benefit and added value or value added. Back then, where the rock and roll ‘groupies’ ,that freely gave of their flesh, for the pure thrill moment with the well known headliner are back. The other sort of creative digital giant shuns publicity and focuses his thoughts. His needle moves his or her mind as they fit the puzzels together.  Open source angles who are on the point of the ganders beak braking the sound barrier and in full flight get goods for all of the ordinary terrestrials.

The quiet community types have rare conversations about their feelings. There are other qualities that function as typical of digital diasporas since there is a dream and thoughts of return to community. Build an opened network using cool tools.

Working the misery index


Since the very early days, the WALL relationships with other digital developers built and created the nervous system on which web communities are built. Computer created conversations, message boards, chat rooms, short sentences chirped became clumps now organized as ‘social networking’ . Not face time but typing around the globe yet in real time communication which appears on a screen.  We are in the diaspora.  Human signals as people, dispersed by whatever cause or choice, to live and work in more than one local lacking the of full assimilation to the host country.

This resource Is actively collecting all parts of the chain: 

Most early discussions of diaspora were firmly rooted in a conceptual ‘homeland‘; they were concerned with a paradigmatic case, or a small number of core cases. What has not happened is a day of rest! A conceptual day of rest where the people around you could sit and have a conversation that was not about your projects or squeezing information out of you or the military intrusion in every day talk.

Group Works Deck  Now available for order or free download: A Pattern Language of Group Process, in card form, the perfect gift for the facilitator or community organizer in your life:
Pick a card and think about what it says then share your thoughts with another person in the circle of cubbies or across town. It is important to share your hurts, pains, tensions, thoughts, and release the focused attention that is such a big part of the computer brain life.


Coded Language” opens with the line “the missing link connecting the diasporic community to its drum woven past.” So Many Creators of tools, Programmers, Coders, Software writers of all sorts have lost touch with their own inside s. What do I feel when I see a sad event? I know it is sad so I have been programmed with the correct face organization yet I have not let myself conjure up the emotion in such a long time I fail to know what to feel, a man told me the other night.

Hearts are broken and people, wonderful loved people are committing the final act and removing their body from action on earth. I hear that some are just in so much emotional and psychic pain because of the lack of trust that people care about them. Those who have been their dearest friends for years tell me that they had no idea that they were depressed or sad or in anyway not just fine.

Perhaps a solitary Tapping would work for you if you are unable to choose a friend to share this process option

Visit for more Emotional Freedom Technique videos, EFT articles, and my E-Book. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple acupress…

Even though I have this feeling I Am Good, I Am OK!

What is going on in the World?


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  1. Dalai Lama
    It is important that when pursing our own self-interest we should be “wise selfish” and not “foolish selfish”. Being foolish selfish means pursuing our own interests in a narrow, shortsighted way. Being wise selfish means taking a broader view and recognizing that our own long-term individual interest lies in the welfare of everyone. Being wise selfish means being compassionate.

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