Rewiring the System

Integrity In Our Occupy

Integrity! Integrity, to me means that what is inside my mind and heart is how I behave. If I tell you that I will do something, my word is my bond and complete contract.

My Heart Is My Friend When NO One Is Watching


The other evening I read some small ideas about the direction our America and the revenue driven countries around the globe. The separation of the very rich and all the rest of us, who have no voice, is widening. The events of last Saturday in Oakland California were heard around the world. I have a friend who lives on the other side of the globe who called to talk about how horrid the police actions were to view. I live just a few miles from the Police Military Presence. The question I keep asking myself is: Who is paying for the Police to attack Peaceful Protest to address the concerns of these same citizens? I now feel that if I go out to the street and stand with my community that I am in physical and personal danger.

This haunts me… We have to work together to create the world we want. If we can’t work together, one individual with another, one on one, networking into larger social structures, then the same powerless conditions will continue to drive the gap between rich and poor. We are a two cast society. The system has to change.



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