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Why Did Adele Win So Much

It is a warning! It seems a warning which is connecting one person with a broken heart with so many others who are feeling the power of bad treatment. These are people who are not able to predict connecting with a real person. The Longing and deep desire to give and to get warmth, devotion, attention, intimacy, and Love.

The singer, Adele,  won so many grammies last night because she sings the full range of every day emotions. Like a Volcano SHE allows the emotional explosions  of many people, both men and woman, to spew forth exhibiting the pent up energies. Who among us has not suffered the long tenuous tedious  string along?

The dramatic events promised by a certain special man and he not coming through repeatedly, week after week is the rubble She sings about. Perhaps this is a time to sing our hearts out?

My heart is like a volcano. It hase a deep molten core filled with good things. Heart of Gold!  Now it is not yet exploded  I know that there are free electrons and all the other particles lauded by plasma physics.

It is exciting to see the muon flows of signals increase before a large eruption.  The heat range from so hot to be blue, yellow, then, red as vibrations of what some might call *cosmic*. Just like the paint aCardiologist paints on the chest of a patient to see how close to a real heart attack.

My heart dominates my pulse and it is a potential Killer. Just like Mt. St Helans could erupt and cause a big risk. Heart breaks send out a churning mass pain which turns every related person, friends and family to suddenly have a loving interest. There lack of attention caused the heart break!  Volcanos in crisis of  torrential ‘LaHar’ of volcanic magma and ash thrust out of the mountain mixing with the ice and other moistures careening down the Mountain. This volcanic ash and mud flow has the power to rush as much as 60 miles.

It is a larger scale break that is replicated in our human bodies when our hearts Break. I am ready for the golden ticket to enter the dance with a golden Gentle Man with a working brain and a warm heart who only tells me what he really is going to do when he says it will happen.



Heruke ta Na Ka, (SPELLING?) is measuring cosmic rays. They are muons:  if you want to read more about the smaller part or particle mirroring of the inner nature of our emotions engineered by volatile flow of energy.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Moons shodow in muons.gif
The Moon‘s cosmic ray shadow, as seen in secondary muons generated by cosmic rays in the atmosphere, and detected 700 meters below ground, at the Soudan II detector
Composition Elementary particle
Statistics Fermionic
Generation Second
Interactions GravityElectromagnetic,
Symbol μ−
Antiparticle Antimuon (μ+
Discovered Carl D. Anderson (1936)
Mass 105.65836668(38) MeV/c2
Mean lifetime 2.197034(21)×10−6 s[1]
Electric charge −1 e
Color charge None
Spin 12

The muon (play /ˈmjuːɒn/; from the Greekletter mu (μ) used to represent it) is anelementary particle similar to theelectron, with a unitary negative electric charge and a spin of ½. Together with the electron, the tau, and the threeneutrinos, it is classified as a lepton. As is the case with other leptons, the muon is not believed to have any sub-structure at all (i.e., is not thought to be composed of any simpler particles).

The muon is an unstable subatomic particle with a mean lifetime of 2.2 µs. This comparatively long decay life time (the second longest known) is due to being mediated by the weak interaction. The only longer lifetime for an unstable subatomic particle is that for the freeneutron, a baryon particle composed of quarks, which also decays via the weak force. All muons decay to three particles (an electron plus two neutrinosof different types), but the daughter particles are believed to originate newly in the decay.

Like all elementary particles, the muon has a corresponding antiparticle of opposite charge but equal mass and spin: the antimuon (also called apositive muon). Muons are denoted byμ−
and antimuons by μ+
. Muons were previously called mu mesons, but are not classified as mesons by modern particle physicists (see History).

Muons have a mass of 105.7 MeV/c2, which is about 200 times the mass of an electron. Since the muon’s interactions are very similar to those of the electron, a muon can be thought of as a much heavier version of the electron. Due to their greater mass, muons are not as sharply accelerated when they encounter electromagnetic fields, and do not emit as much bremsstrahlung radiation. This allows muons of a given energy to penetrate far more deeply into matter than electrons, since the deceleration of electrons and muons is primarily due to energy loss by the bremsstrahlung mechanism. As an example, so-called “secondary muons”, generated by cosmic rays hitting the atmosphere, can penetrate to the Earth’s surface, and even into deep mines.

Because muons have a very large mass and energy compared with the decay energy of radioactivity, they are never produced by radioactive decay. They are, however, produced in copious amounts in high-energy interactions in normal matter, such as occur during certain particle accelerator experiments with hadrons, and also naturally in cosmic rayinteractions with matter. These interactions usually first produce pi mesons, which then most often decay to muons.

As with the case of the other charged leptons, the muon has an associated muon neutrino. Muon neutrinos are denoted by ν


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  1. We almost Had It All… How long before my heart heals?

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